Friday, March 10, 2006

Would You Fire This Man?

KSU fires Wooldridge immediately after yesterday's loss to CU. Is this fair? Could anyone do a better job than Wooldridge has with this moribund program?

Despite no tournament appearances, it seems to me they've been more competitive under him than anyone else I can think of, going back to Lon Kruger...

Speaking of which, Kruger himself may return to the Big 12, after stints at Florida, Illinois, the NBA, and currently UNLV. His name is being floated for the Mizzou job. He would be a formidable challenger for us in the conference--a great recruiter who wins pretty much wherever he goes.


  1. Dana Altman took KSU to 2 NIT's and one NCAA in 4 yrs. He was better.

  2. Good point. So the original sin was getting rid of Altman in the first place. But Dana's definitely not coming back (though he, like Kruger, has been mentioned for MU), so the question is, who could they get that would do a better job than JW?

  3. Bring back Tom Asbury!

    In 6 years he took the Wildcats to two NIT's and one NCAA.

    I guess they're all better than Wooldridge.

  4. I don't know, I thought the win in Lawrence might have saved him

    the worst part, from where I sit, is the league this year--Mizzou, OSU, now K-State . . . ugly

    but how long can a coach keep a job w/out winning?

  5. Nicely researched, CR. Shows what I know. I didn't remember any NCAA appearances for Asbury. Frankly, I don't know why they got rid of any of those guys.

    I just realized JW was there five years; I thought it was more like three.

    K-State message boards are abuzz about Bob Huggins. It actually wouldn't shock me if he was interested--he needs to rehabilitate his image, and it is a major-conference school, after all.