Friday, March 24, 2006

Great White Hopes Dashed

It's useful to remember that after all the hype, they're still just kids.

The only time of year when I don't hate Duke is when they've just been eliminated. I felt bad for Redick; he's more or less choked in every tournament loss over his four years, starting with the regional semis his freshman year when Hinrich shut him down. In fairness, he hasn't had enough talent around him (Shelden Williams is good but not dominant); if Luol Deng had stayed they may have won it all last year or this year.

Redick, after last night's game: "I'm not a great athlete and LSU has great athletes."

Duke is starting to parallel the Yankees in this decade: a juggernaut every year but no title since 2001.

I also feel some sympathy for the 'Zags. They caught some really bad breaks in the last minute: a phantom foul that allowed UCLA to come within one, then a no-call on the steal, in a situation where the refs almost always blow the whistle.

Congratulations to Scott's Tigers, who finally derailed the Bradley train. The game wasn't close, but as this picture indicates, it was smokin' nonetheless.


  1. I am thrilled that both Duke and the Zags lost. I hate Duke and feel no compassion for them. None. It will be interesting to watch Reddick in the NBA- I don't think he will have much of a carreer. Nor will Morrison. I think the real game of the night was Texas- what a great last minute! Blood, 3s, agony, ecstasy- it had it all. Congrats to Scott's team- I am glad Bradley was finally knocked out.

  2. I have been saying all year long that Reddick would have to shoot lights out for Duke to go deep in the tourney.

    Of course, he did shoot lights out for much of the year. But something seemed to have snapped down the stretch. I don't know if he was physically worn down, or the pressure got to him, but he really faded.

    I am looking forward to 3 years of hating Greg Paulus.

    Also, check out this story from slate about cinderellas and Bradley:

  3. I should have mentioned UT's victory, esp. since it marks the end of yet a third Great White Hope, WVU's Kevin Pittsnogle.

    Some validation here for the Big 12, and now Texas has an excellent chance of returning to the Final Four. I don't think Aldridge will have nearly as much trouble with "Big Baby" and co. as Duke did.

    There is a book out about the Duke-UNC rivalry (by a UNC guy, I think) entitled, "To Hate Like This Is To Live Forever." There does seem to be something almost perversely pleasurable about Duke-hatred.

    I second CR's recommendation of the Slate article, despite its negative commentary about my beloved Shockers ...

  4. I too enjoyed the Slate article; for info on making links, try this post from my web tricks blog (note: you cannot use the "target" tag in blogger comments).

    I felt awfully bad for Redick (I'll even spell his name right): he's a beautiful shooter, and doesn't seem to have the emotional fits to which Morrison seems prone (slam ball into head, lose Yancy's affection).

    Call me perverse, finally, but I just can't cheer for Texas: Brad Buckman? Not around here, thank you very much.

  5. funny post Deron.

    If we could give rep, this would be rep-worthy.