Friday, August 29, 2008

Basketball Tomorrow!

Football too!

Both teams are underway starting tomorrow; will either season be as wonderful as last year? Tough acts to follow. Will we get an idea tomorrow? Well, the football game isn't being televised, so that's a tough one.

And basketball? It's not even mentioned on the schedule I posted before going silent recently, but if you'll look at this version of the schedule you'll see that there are actually three exhibition games in Canada this weekend, starting with the Redmen of McGill University

How will our young team fare? Will the Morris twins be cleared in time to play? Will even highlights show up on video anywhere?

Exciting times.
Happy Labor Day. And go Obama!

[Sorry, Scott: I had to bump this back to the top. The first basketball and football games seem bigger than one man's phone issues (no disrespect). (Granted, you and I are the only action on here for like a month . . .) Anyhow, I'll try give you a call this weekend . . .]

Hello All.

This will probably get me on some weird 3rd party telemarketer calls, but here goes.

I have lost everyone's phone numbers. When I moved out here after a couple of months AT&T sent me a nasty letter saying "we don't like you using other people's towers. We are terminating your contract."

In any event I had to get rid of the beloved Treo and have now moved down to Alltel (maybe Allsmell) and the Motorola Q (PU). I copied all of the numbers by hand from one phone to the other, sold the Treo on eBay, and then promptly in two weeks the new phone crashed. I had backed them up on Vista, but my phone tells me that Vista is not compatible with anything on the face of the earth, ever.

In any event, if all of you that I know could give me a quick call and either shoot the s*** or leave a message at (620) 255-6207, it would be greatly appreciated.