Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pummel the Powerkittenz

The Purple Kitties have shown some flashes where they looked talented when they play chumps, but anytime they've played a decent team, their true colors show.

I predict Jayhawk transcendence to the tune of 72-59.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Somebody has to say it.

This photo from kusports.com seems to about capture my feeling about the game.

Turnovers; lack of scoring; poor rebounding (what did we give up, like 14 offense boards in the 1st half??) . . . I was so ready for Scott to repeat his prediction glory with respect to Morningstar, but it just wasn't there. So much just wasn't there.


To their credit, KU won the second half, and finished with some decent fight. Far too late, of course, but it made for a nice silver lining or light at the end of the tunnel or some such.

K-State didn't look too hot at home against OU, but I have no idea what to expect on Tuesday . . .

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Vols To The Wall

Whew. We needed that one. I don't know if this gets us into the Top 25, but it at least gets us off the bubble for the moment. And maybe we've turned a corner.

This was the way we need Sherron to play all the time -- more Chris Paul than Allen Iverson. The nine assists were the key. He dished the ball enough to keep the defenders honest, which in turn helped him score at will.

And Aldrich was equally good, playing a flawless game (other than two dumb TOs in the first half) against tough frontcourt competition. We're starting to almost take him for granted this year, but I can't overstate just how rare it is to have an underclassman play with this kind of confidence in the post.

Morningstar had three turnovers, but he also made six assists and a heroic effort on those contested inbounds passes. He's starting to look more and more like he belongs out there; I wasn't so sure before, but his defense on Budinger and his performance in this one are giving me pause.

And the enigmatic Tyshawn was an underrated contributor as well. During Collins' second-half breather TT scored three straight hoops; at that point I figured it was just our day.

Mario Little looks like he can theoretically contribute, but if he's still hobbled now, should he just redshirt? That wouldn't be the best thing for the team, but maybe best for him.

Everybody's now looking ahead to MSU, but don't sleep on Siena this week. That's a tournament team right there, and our boys are due for a letdown.