Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's Hear It For DJ!

(Thanks for the photo,

I'm actually not sure whether our 38-point pummeling of Florida Atlantic deserves its own post, but how about Jackson?

In his first start of the season he had "13 points off 4-of-5 shooting and 4-of-4 free throwing. He also swished the second 3-pointer of his career and second this season" (thanks again, Add 4 rebounds (not enough, but still), 2 blocks, and no turnovers in his 22 minutes and I have to again say that DJ is the man.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bill Self not happy with Arizona game attendance.

At least 1,000 Kansas University students missed a highly competitive, marquee college basketball game Sunday night.

The northwest corner of Allen Fieldhouse — normally packed with enthusiastic KU students — was empty for No. 4-rated KU’s 76-72 overtime victory over Arizona.

The Wildcats entered 3-1 and unranked, yet still boasted one of the country’s top players in Chase Budinger and a budding star in Jerryd Bayless.

And on the revenge front, Arizona defeated the Jayhawks the last time the powers met in 2005 in Maui and also handed KU one of its most bitter losses in school history — in the Sweet 16 of the 1997 NCAA Tournament.

“To be candid, it was disappointing to our players. They pointed to this as THE nonconference game of the season, and there were fewer students than any game since I’ve been here,” fifth-year Jayhawk coach Bill Self said.

He first discussed the student no-shows when asked about it on his Hawk Talk radio show, then expounded in a phone interview after the broadcast. He spoke in a matter-of-fact, not angry tone.

“The students that were there were great, absolutely great. I’m not saying anything bad about our students,” Self said. “A lot of people (schools) wish they’d have as many as we had.

“But the game being Arizona and our players pointing to it as THE nonconference home game of the season ... obviously some of the student body didn’t feel the same way.

“It’s the smallest turnout of students for a game since I’ve been here. It was kind of frustrating,” Self continued. “We had more students for the Northern Arizona game when the dorms were closed for Thanksgiving than for Arizona.”

Self wants to make it clear he’s not down on the students, just disappointed they skipped Sunday night’s game.

“They’ll come,” Self said, referring to remaining games, including Wednesday’s 7 p.m. clash against ex-Jayhawk Rex Walters’ Florida Atlantic squad.

“I think a lot had to do with the timing of the game. It tells me Saturday wore out a lot of people. I was tired, and I watched it (Kansas-Missouri football game) on TV. A lot of people started at 10 a.m. (Saturday) and were rolling until 1 or 2 at night. Our players understood there were some reasons for it, but still were disappointed.”

KU isn’t the only school that has had some students skip out on games.

ESPN recently reported that more than half the home games at Duke last season were played before empty seats in the student sections. The fact students now have their IDs swiped electronically — instead of having a season pass — may have cut down on students giving tickets to friends on the nights they don’t want to attend.

“We have great fans. Our students are fantastic. I love our fans,” Self said. “I do hope that future games will be full. We have the best building in America, hands down. When our building is good (full and loud) most people say it’s better than anywhere.”

Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Guys Named Chase

The "best weekend ever" was not to be, thanks to Chase Daniel and Mizzou running roughshod over us at Arrowhead and Chase Budinger putting a scare into us at the Fieldhouse.

The football boys need not hang their heads. It was a bad first half, but a heroic comeback in the second against what was probably just a better team. Mizzou seemed bigger and faster on offense and defense from where I was sitting; they were able to do pretty much what they wanted, while our four 2nd-half TDs seemed to be based on smoke and mirrors, balls and fortitude -- I esp. liked Reesing's dive into the end zone against a much bigger, lunging Tiger at the beginning of the 4th.

I think we just found our level -- we proved we belonged in the top 10, even top 5, but probably not in the title game.

But for a title-worthy basketball team, our near-disaster against unranked 'Zona last night was in some ways even more frustrating. As Self pointed out, Russell had his worst game since his freshman year, and the rebounding was atrocious: Self rightly singled out Sasha (2 boards in 25 minutes) but we also need more from Shady (just 6 boards in 34 minutes). Our big guys are playing as if Julian's still out there.

Positives? Well, we won w/ a depleted backcourt -- Sherron out, Reed hurt, Russell in foul trouble, Rush not 100%. Sherron would have helped; their D forced us to freelance and he's our best freelancer. Also, our FT shooting was better if still not great (72%), and we made the big ones -- hats off to Mario.

And how about Rod Stewart? Dunking on people, hitting key shots, and proving against the taller Budinger that Self wasn't kidding about him being our best defender.

All I can say is, Whew!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Best Weekend Ever?

Anyone have a pulse out there? I'm gone for a weekend, B-Rush makes a triumphant return, KU football attains its best record/ranking ever and moves into a championship game slot, and ... the blog is dormant? I can't do it all here, people...

Anyway, Yance, it's now officially happened: football outranks b-ball -- i.e., the apocalypse.

Plus, OU and Oregon losing (sorry, Ismail)... The OU loss may be a wash b/c it hurts KU's potential strength of schedule, but does SOS even matter now that we're a solid #2? It's now pretty much set in stone, I think: if we win two more, we're in the title game, and if we don't, we're out. (Of course, now it's possible that the Big 12 title game could be against a somewhat weaker opponent than Oklahoma.)

As for basketball, we're still seeing slightly negative reviews despite dominant wins. Self is right to harp on the negatives, but I really can't put much stock in our guys playing somewhat uninspired ball at this point, esp. with the injury issues. But look out for N. Arizona on Wednesday; I hope our guys understand this isn't Washburn.

Note the question mark on my headline; next weekend could truly be the best ever for KU sports with wins against Mizzou and 'Zona on consecutive days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Getting hyped up for the Border Armaggeddon at Arrowhead, and was just thinking, "hey it's great that both schools are doing so well. THEN I SAW THIS AND REMEMBERED WHY WE SHOULD NEVER, EVER, WISH THAT MISSOURAH DOES WELL AT ANYTHING. Those classless toothless moonshine pro-slavery hillbillies can go straight to Hell. May a meteor impact on the Page Academic Fraud Arena, and a pox of Ebola on Farout Field.

I mean seriously, this is way worse than the "MUCK FIZZOU" shirts.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Collins Out 6 weeks!


KU guard Collins to miss six weeks following foot surgery
By Gary Bedore
November 12, 2007

Gary Bedore's video podcast on Sherron Collins' stress fracture
Journal-World KU men's basketball beat writer Gary Bedore sits down and fields some questions from J-W sports editor Tom Keegan to give some insight on sophomore guard Sherron Collins' left foot stress fracture. Bedore discusses how long he could be out, when Brandon Rush could return in light of this and who are the ones needing to pick up the slack in Collins' absence.

Kansas University sophomore point guard Sherron Collins, who rolled his ankle in Sunday’s 85-62 victory over UMKC, had surgery on Monday to repair a stress fracture in the fiftth metatarsal of his left foot.
The surgery went well, KU coach Bill Self reported, and Collins is expected to miss six weeks.
“Everything went great,” Self said. “They had to put a screw in there, we’re looking at it as six weeks. It realistically is a six-week process. The doctors said it’s a six-week deal to heal.”
Collins, through two games this season, is the team's leading scorer, averaging 16 points per game. He also totaled 10 assists and six steals in the contest. His seven rebounds Sunday night against UMKC were a career-high. During the second half of that game, he turned his left ankle while driving to the basket. He was assisted to the locker room moments later, but came back to finish the game on the floor.
For more on this story, read tomorrow's Journal-World and log back onto

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yeah, the Warhawks scored 78; they shot 51%, but come on--21 career-high points for Darnell? 15 steals? (4 by Jackson, including one that set up a great fast break play finished, of course, by DJ). Looked like a good night from where I sat.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Four and Four

Yancy's question about KU football outranking basketball is sounding less far-fetched (downright near-fetched, in fact):

BCS Standings
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. Kansas

AP Basketball Pre-Season
1. North Carolina
3. Memphis
4. Kansas

(The other football polls still have KU at 5, but we'll just ignore them.)

Suddenly there are whispers of a title-game bid. ORjayhawk, you may be approaching a conflict-of-interest here.

I still think, though, that our basketball squad is underrated at 4. Nice game against Fort Hays St. last night; Darrell and the other big men had good numbers, but I'm more impressed w/ Russell's near triple-dub.

In other conflict-of-interest news -- what do you think of the Memphis ranking, Scott?