Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Getting hyped up for the Border Armaggeddon at Arrowhead, and was just thinking, "hey it's great that both schools are doing so well. THEN I SAW THIS AND REMEMBERED WHY WE SHOULD NEVER, EVER, WISH THAT MISSOURAH DOES WELL AT ANYTHING. Those classless toothless moonshine pro-slavery hillbillies can go straight to Hell. May a meteor impact on the Page Academic Fraud Arena, and a pox of Ebola on Farout Field.

I mean seriously, this is way worse than the "MUCK FIZZOU" shirts.


  1. Well, it is *a little* funny, no?

    But you're right: F**k Mizzou.

    Did you see the related Kansas John Brown shirt? Not bad, though I like the understated immaturity of the classic spoonerism.

  2. When we went to see KU-MU in Columbia in '03, I saw a distinguished-looking older gentleman wearing a shirt with the quote:

    "Lawrence is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." -- William Quantrill

    TCM showed a movie this weekend about Quantrill's raid starring John Wayne -- "Dark Command." Not bad for what it was, but highly fictionalized, and he was called "Cantrell" for some reason.

  3. So, this is an encouraging headline, no?

    Rush might take court vs. Washburn

  4. Yeah, and even if he doesn't play it looks like he should be ready for Arizona, which I hadn't expected.