Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Four and Four

Yancy's question about KU football outranking basketball is sounding less far-fetched (downright near-fetched, in fact):

BCS Standings
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. Kansas

AP Basketball Pre-Season
1. North Carolina
3. Memphis
4. Kansas

(The other football polls still have KU at 5, but we'll just ignore them.)

Suddenly there are whispers of a title-game bid. ORjayhawk, you may be approaching a conflict-of-interest here.

I still think, though, that our basketball squad is underrated at 4. Nice game against Fort Hays St. last night; Darrell and the other big men had good numbers, but I'm more impressed w/ Russell's near triple-dub.

In other conflict-of-interest news -- what do you think of the Memphis ranking, Scott?



  1. I heard Herbstreit blabbering the other night about how if KU wins out, then LSU will still go to the BCS game. To which I say BULLSHIT! I don't think we'll win out (he'll I honestly think we could get rolled by Mike HE'S A MAN HE'S FORTY! Gundy this weekend), but if we do, that means two victories over two top-six BCS teams to finish the season. SEC this, SEC that--LSU still lost to Kentucky, and they've squeaked out several other wins.

    I hate to say it, but Mizzou has a better resume that LSU or Oregon if it wins out. Oregon's loss to Cal doesn't look so good now, and again, you don't lose to Kentucky and go to the title game. MU's one loss is to Oklahoma--who I think eventually should make the title game.

    Speaking of Kentucky and losing, any comments on Billy Gillespie's enormous turd in the punch bowl last night. We all know Gillespie's a good coach, but if he got in over his head, running the Tubbs out of town doesn't look so good. I'm not saying Gillespie's Charlie Weis, but that's not even a good team they lost to, and they got dominated. Shit, Oral Roberts went to the tournament!

  2. I am worried that Memphis's ranking will go to their heads, but it is not undeserved.

    They were an elite 8 team that lost almost no one (Just their 6th man Jeremy Hunt) and they added THE DERRICK ROSE! Rose is insanely good. Look at NBA and see where he's projected: #1 overall. Check out some YouTube videos of his. They also added Sean Taggart (from Iowa St.) who is a pretty heady player and Jeff Robinson, another top 50 player.

    Tigers are loaded. Their only real weakness is in the middle, IF Dorsey gets into foul trouble. Dorsey has been known to do that, but he has gotten better too.

    I am in Hoops Heaven with the Hawks and the Tigers both in the top 5. I bet that hasn't happened before in my lifetime, or if it did, it would have been about 1984 or 85.

  3. Yeah, and I know UCLA has some big-time freshmen as well, and presumably so does UNC -- they always do.

    But doesn't KU get credit for having a veteran team? Who knows if we're better than those teams, but I still can't believe NO ONE has us at 1 or 2 or 3.

    I'm sure Gillespie will recover from this embarrassment. He's lucky in one sense: the loss is a bit overshadowed by even worse exhibition losses by Michigan St. and Ohio St. (to D-2 teams!). I also seem to recall that Bill Self almost lost his first game at KU, an exhibition against (I think) one of those in-state D-2 Lilliputians.

    Looking forward to a great weekend of KU sports...

  4. Well, gentlemen, about 90 minutes to go.

    This should be quite a weekend, with basketball, football, and then more basketball.

    I predict a KU sweep of the weekend.

    Saw the Times had the football team's odds of making the title game (as one of seven teams with a legitimate chance) as 50 to 1. Let's bump that to 40 to 1!

    As for the Warhawks, I think all the talk of ORU should either really rattle our players or (preferably) ensure that we won't underestimate these early teams . . . thanks also to Kentucky for the reminder on that point.