Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let's Hear It For DJ!

(Thanks for the photo,

I'm actually not sure whether our 38-point pummeling of Florida Atlantic deserves its own post, but how about Jackson?

In his first start of the season he had "13 points off 4-of-5 shooting and 4-of-4 free throwing. He also swished the second 3-pointer of his career and second this season" (thanks again, Add 4 rebounds (not enough, but still), 2 blocks, and no turnovers in his 22 minutes and I have to again say that DJ is the man.



  1. I've defended Sasha, but it's about time Darnell got to start. Nice job on the threes, although its surprising to hear Self say he's our best shooting big man since Wayne ... I thought Shady had the better touch from outside.

    Anyway, coming off the bench seemed to inspire Sasha, who got 7 boards in only 16 minutes this time (compared to 2 in 25 against the Cats). I always thought DJ was good as an energizer off the bench, but maybe SK can be that guy now.

    AND... don't sleep on Conner Teahan -- now shooting 80% from downtown!

    I was glad to read that Rex Walters got the royal treatment from fans. If you're old enough, you can indulge your nostalgia for the Rex era here. Remember when black hightops were king?

  2. Ah Dr Quinn: that really takes me back.

    8 of 10 from 3 is an awfully nice stat for a walk-on.

    So Sunday? Thoughts? On the road; ranked team; a starter's (!) former school . . . sounds pretty exciting. I haven't seen any USC games, but they had no trouble with the Salukis, and their victory over Oklahoma sounds convincing. There is that weird Mercer upset, but otherwise they seem a formidable opponent.

    ("Formidable opponent": sigh. Oh how I wish the writers would get paid so this strike could end.)

    I think the day will be ours, but I don't expect it'll look very pretty.

  3. Darnell is the most improved player on the roster in my opinion.

    He looks smooth on his jumper and seems like his back has healed up a bit.