Monday, November 19, 2007

Best Weekend Ever?

Anyone have a pulse out there? I'm gone for a weekend, B-Rush makes a triumphant return, KU football attains its best record/ranking ever and moves into a championship game slot, and ... the blog is dormant? I can't do it all here, people...

Anyway, Yance, it's now officially happened: football outranks b-ball -- i.e., the apocalypse.

Plus, OU and Oregon losing (sorry, Ismail)... The OU loss may be a wash b/c it hurts KU's potential strength of schedule, but does SOS even matter now that we're a solid #2? It's now pretty much set in stone, I think: if we win two more, we're in the title game, and if we don't, we're out. (Of course, now it's possible that the Big 12 title game could be against a somewhat weaker opponent than Oklahoma.)

As for basketball, we're still seeing slightly negative reviews despite dominant wins. Self is right to harp on the negatives, but I really can't put much stock in our guys playing somewhat uninspired ball at this point, esp. with the injury issues. But look out for N. Arizona on Wednesday; I hope our guys understand this isn't Washburn.

Note the question mark on my headline; next weekend could truly be the best ever for KU sports with wins against Mizzou and 'Zona on consecutive days.


  1. Sorry, D.

    Let's see . . . Rush looked great, in my opinion--running jumpers, scrapping for loose balls. Seems like things are falling into place nicely for this weekend.

    Of course, Rush, like the rest of the team, struggled with free-throwing (0-1), but I like this team a lot, and I'll stand by my 16-0 conference prediction.

    As for football, who knew? Some of these stats are truly mind-boggling: like, this is the best football season in KU's 117 years of playing . . . and, as Deron says, we are guaranteed the championship game if we win two games. Incredible.

    In some ways it's too bad that the game is in KC, not just because of the home-field thing, but also because Memorial Stadium is beautiful and it's a shame that the national audience won't see it. Surely this will be the biggest tv audience for any Kansas football game, no? It's THE prime-time game, and it's nation-wide on ABC.

    And how great is it that it's Mizzou that we play? Couldn't have written a better script myself.

    Anyway, thanks for sticking with the blog, dgl, and have a happy thanksgiving.

    Rock Chalk!

  2. Looking forward to BORDERMAGGEDON on Saturday.

    You guys not being here, this town is bursting with fruit flavor. I almost stopped my car on Tennessee St today to take a pic of this guy who has his house Christmas lights spelling out "11-0".

    I'll probably watch it with Aaron and Kevin Dyck.

    It's really too bad that this is the year we decided to send the game out of lawrence, it had to be this fricking year?