Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Guys Named Chase

The "best weekend ever" was not to be, thanks to Chase Daniel and Mizzou running roughshod over us at Arrowhead and Chase Budinger putting a scare into us at the Fieldhouse.

The football boys need not hang their heads. It was a bad first half, but a heroic comeback in the second against what was probably just a better team. Mizzou seemed bigger and faster on offense and defense from where I was sitting; they were able to do pretty much what they wanted, while our four 2nd-half TDs seemed to be based on smoke and mirrors, balls and fortitude -- I esp. liked Reesing's dive into the end zone against a much bigger, lunging Tiger at the beginning of the 4th.

I think we just found our level -- we proved we belonged in the top 10, even top 5, but probably not in the title game.

But for a title-worthy basketball team, our near-disaster against unranked 'Zona last night was in some ways even more frustrating. As Self pointed out, Russell had his worst game since his freshman year, and the rebounding was atrocious: Self rightly singled out Sasha (2 boards in 25 minutes) but we also need more from Shady (just 6 boards in 34 minutes). Our big guys are playing as if Julian's still out there.

Positives? Well, we won w/ a depleted backcourt -- Sherron out, Reed hurt, Russell in foul trouble, Rush not 100%. Sherron would have helped; their D forced us to freelance and he's our best freelancer. Also, our FT shooting was better if still not great (72%), and we made the big ones -- hats off to Mario.

And how about Rod Stewart? Dunking on people, hitting key shots, and proving against the taller Budinger that Self wasn't kidding about him being our best defender.

All I can say is, Whew!

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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it looks like our blog is getting as quiet as the student section at Allen.

    Come on, KU fans. Show up! Yell! Post on the blog!
    That's really all I ask.

    Is it this football thing getting us all confused? I have heard that multitasking really just means doing many things poorly. . . .

    Anyway, your analyses sound good, Deron. Those two missed field goals really didn't help, but even if we'd made them we still would not have looked like the stronger team.
    It is nice that this is a best-ever season, though I really wish the loss could've been to someone else . . .

    I missed the first half of the bball (in the car coming back from MT), but what I did see was alternately frustrating and exhilarating. Quite a few one-and-out possessions, and we still seem to be a team that struggles with budding stars. I realize that no one can exactly stop a Durant or a Budinger, but why do those guys have to shine so bright against our defense?

    I would like to add, though, to Deron's positives: how great is it that it's not yet December and Rush is playing 36 minutes? And not just playing, but playing well.

    (But you're right: Rodrick dunking on that dude has to be the highlight of the night.)

    Any thoughts on the Rex Walters return this evening? I have to teach during the game, so I'm counting on you all to tell me how things really go down.