Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That Time of Year

Well, the football team is ranked 8th in the nation in like every poll, which is pretty exciting.

But did you realize that basketball starts this Thursday? The first exhibition game, against Pitt State, has a 7pm (central) tip-off . . .

What do we think? Sasha's got new sexy hair, B-Rush, Mario, and Shady are Naismith candidates, and the team's #4 in the Coaches Poll. (Yes, that is dangerously close to Mangino's squad; one loss and bball may fall behind football--statisticians (or Deron): has that ever happened before?)

So, do we have predictions? A sweep of the Big 12? We have UT and A&M on the road, but I think 16-0 is a realistic expectation . . . and it should be nice to have the early test against Arizona. All in all, seems like a season to look forward to. See you on Thursday.


  1. Here goes...

    We're going to lose one noncon game, probably USC. We'll lose two in the conference season, probably in Austin and College Station, maybe Manhattan. Then we'll lose again in the Big 12 semis or final.

    We'll still go into the tourney as a 1 seed, reach the Final 4, and ... WAIT FOR IT! ... win the title.

    The schedule is much stronger than last year (including in conference, so I can't echo the 16-0 prediction, Yance). But we'll be better than last year as well -- barring injury issues. And we'll go into March more road-tested, than ever.

    -- As far as football goes -- I'm sure they've been ranked ahead of b-ball at some point in the last century; maybe you should ask Bill Mayer to give you the history.

    But I see that the football season-closer against Mizzou is one day before the b-ball team's first tough game, against Arizona. So probably Mangino and co. can only move ahead of Self and co. by going undefeated the rest of the reg season (which no longer looks like an impossible dream).

    -- BTW, I was very upset to see the LJW compare Sasha's new look to Screech; I think he looks like a Greek god.

    -- Also, apropos of nothing, I'd like everyone to note that the miraculous D-III football play making the viral-video rounds this week is courtesy of my alma mater.

  2. I tend not to watch college football. I did catch the last 5 minutes of our game against . . . I don't know, whoever it was that we beat two weeks ago.

    B-ball. 14-2 conference, and we go to the Final Four. I never predict past the Final Four, certainly not before the season begins.

    What's the starting 5? Robinson, Chalmers, Arthur, Kaun, Collins?

  3. It's a good time to be a Jayhawk fan! I'm wondering if it's a coincidence that the football team gets good the season I start going to the games. There's a lot of exciting energy at the football games now... similar but not quit the like basketball. Speaking of, tomorrow is indeed the first game. I'll be there front and center... well, front and on the side behind the hoop to be exact. My plan is to go to all the home games this season. Hopefully I can bring the same luck to basketball. As far as football goes I think KU will go undefeated and beat Mizzou in what should be the game of the year... at least in the big ten. I wonder what bowl game KU will get?... thoughts?

    Oh, and how can I become a contributor so that I can start my own threads?


  4. sorry, I meant game of the year in the big 12... I must've had my Hawkeyes on the brain. It's hard not to when I think about football. They did manage to beat MSU last saturday... still, I have to admit they do suck.

  5. Chris, that's a totally meaningless principled stand. You'll predict what happens on March 23, 2008 but not March 29, 2008?

    And what about noncon? Can we come out unscathed against Zona, USC, GTech and BC? (Last three of which are true road games)...

    Your starting five looks right to me, until Rush comes back.

    Aaron, I'm not sure how to set you up to become a contributor; Scott? Yancy?

    We'll need you to be our sideline reporter, so to speak, since most of the rest of us are in remote locations now.

    Do you have hoops predictions?

  6. My stand is not principled or meaningful. Final Four is always the big threshold for me. Especially now though, as we haven't been there under Self. If we had been in the final four the last few years, I'd be looking for the championship. But we've been nipping at the bud of Self's first final four.

    That's the big line in the sand. Anything beyond that is gravy.

    I just don't know enough about the teams we're playing in the non-conference. Give me a few weeks.

    Beyond KU's fortunes, I'll be most curious to see how the high profile first year coaches do: Gillespie, Turgeon, Smith . . .

    Another important question, who will have the better year, and the better March. The Tar Heels or Jayhawks?

  7. I don't want to be a wet blanket, but this is one of those years when I won't be satisfied with a mere Final 4 berth. Last year I would have, but not now.

    I see your point about Self needing to get over the Final 4 hump, but... With the senior leadership and the junior/sophomore talent this team has, 2nd or 4th place would seem like underachieving this time out.

    It's a little puzzling that almost no one has us higher than 4 at this point (I think Doug Gottlieb is handing us the title, but I can't get past his ESPN firewall). None of those other teams in the mix (UCLA, UNC, Memphis, Tennessee) was appreciably better than us last season (we just choked against UCLA), and all we've lost is Julian.

    We never should have been ranked pre-season #1 last year, but this year... well, why the f-- not?

  8. I just saw this.

    Marcus and Markieff announce right before our first game. Not bad.

  9. And Andy Katz has this:

    "Self said senior Rodrick Stewart has taken advantage of Rush's absence to carve out a role for himself on the squad. Self said Stewart has been a consistent performer, being active around the basketball and staying vocal. Mario Chalmers, Sherron Collins and Russell Robinson are the stable guards with Rush being the fourth member of the rotation (obviously the first once he's healthy). Now, Stewart has been added to the mix to get quality playing time. Rush can move down to small forward, so the Jayhawks can go with a smaller lineup at times if need be."

    So we could be starting Robinson, Chalmers, Collins, Rush, and Arthur? Oh my god.

  10. Am I REALLY the only one willing to put his ass on the line and make the full set of predictions this year? What a letdown.

    The opener starts in about half an hour; predictions made after that are invalid, I'm sure you understand.

    Chris, thanks for the recruiting scoop. Of course, those twins aren't all that highly ranked, but there's some buzz that we'll have a higher-profile commitment soon... knock wood.

  11. We looked great last night! Arthur's monster dunk was the #2 play of the day on espn. Some of the new guys were really impressive. Reed nailed his first shot which was a long 3. It seemed like there were more new players than I thought. How many are there, 4 or 5? The bottom line is that even without Rush we looked great and have both depth and experience. I predict that this year is finally the year!

  12. OK, that's two championship predictions. Anyone else?

    Pretty decent highlight reel on this one. Bit of a uniform redesign, I see.

    We didn't get the recruit I was making hints about yesterday; J'mison Morgan committed to LSU. Too bad, but at least we got the twins.

    Also, news out today is that Morningstar will indeed redshirt. Looks like we should have plenty of depth in the backcourt without him, if Rod Stewart and Tyrel Reed continue to show signs.

  13. That is a good-looking reel, and I agree that the year looks very good.

    I especially like that Sherron looked so good (3 of 4 from 3 is a very nice line), although it's of course hard to say what this means for our chances against D-I teams. . . .

    I guess I'm with Chris, though, as far as the long-term thinking: a Final Four would be just fine, and I think we can get there.

    Another game you might want to watch out for, Yancy fans/friends: my Seattle U Redhawks take on Kentucky tomorrow at 7 central. Time to get them back for the 1958 chapionship game, when SU's injured Elgin Baylor was unable to lead the team to victory over Rupp's 'Cats.

    Here's hoping for that rare treat, an exhibition upset!

  14. 9 and 0, bitches. Football is 9 and Oh!

  15. Amazing score on the last game.

    Turning to hoops, this is a must read piece on the Self-Rush relationship.