Saturday, October 13, 2007

Late Night At The Blog

By all accounts, this year's "Late Night at the Phog" was the usual cheesy affair, complete with a "Boot-Scootin' Boogie" rendition (is it 1989 again? am I back in Oklahoma?) and a procession of limos and humvees leading to a red carpet.

All the talk in the media post-Late Night was about Brandon Rush, who did some dancing but no scrimmaging. He won't play until December and apparently may not be right all season, even though he says otherwise. Coach Self tried to cast it in a positive light but only confused the issue further: "Brandon will not be the Brandon we saw at 100 percent last year, but I think he can be 100 percent of the new Brandon."

Say wha-?

Maybe because of the uncertainty over Rush, it seems everyone's predicting North Carolina to cut down the nets rather than KU. CNNSI's Luke Winn has KU all the way down at 5th, below UNC, UCLA, and two teams from the Volunteer state. Any thoughts on that, Scott?

CNNSI does list us as the top backcourt, however, and says, "Anything less than a Final Four with this group will be a colossal disappointment."

Self also indicated at Late Night that he's feeling the pressure this year: "The only thing last year's team didn't have was seniors. A team is only as good as its seniors allow it to be. This year, we've got five studs. We've got to get the big prize. We've got to cut down the nets in April."

The heat is indeed ON in a way that often makes a season less enjoyable than it should be. We'll undoubtedly lose more than just seniors after this year, and so far there isn't an influx of sexy recruits lined up in waiting (though that could change any time). This needs to be the year.

But is there any reason to think our guys can't handle that pressure? Even if Rush's new 100% is only 80% of last season's 100%, it's still hard to identify any real weaknesses on this team. With all our offensive weapons and with Self's defensive program firmly in place, I wouldn't rank anyone ahead of us.


  1. This is all quite good, and I find myself less worried than some about BR, but can we just pause for a moment to talk football?

    I'm no fan of the sport in general, but KU is in the BCS rankings at #15, having gone undefeated so far, and having beaten (then ranked) K-State in Manhattan for the first time in like 20 years.

    That's ahead of USC, Florida, and, yes, Mizzou.

    Rock Chalk.

  2. Guess what my objection is going to be...

    Yes, that's right... The early schedule was kind of a joke, so the undefeated mark doesn't mean a great deal. K-State is still the only quality opponent so far.

    But not having watched the games, I'm not really qualified to say whether this team is the real deal or not.

    I am a little worried about B-Rush myself, but I suspect our team still has championship potential w/out him at full strength.

  3. I haven't watched a game either (though I think, believe it or not, that this Saturday's game is on ESPN), but I did listen to the K-State game.

    KU didn't sound great, but one thing seemed clear: last year, we lose that kind of game; this year, we win.

    As concerns the hard-wood, I'll be happy if we get a fun season out it--like last year, maybe, plus a Final Four . . .

    Speaking of, do we want to do pre-season predictions again this year? If so, we have surprisingly little time--LA Monroe is three weeks from tomorrow, and the Pitt State exhibition game is just two weeks from today (!).

  4. At the rate we've been blogging recently, two weeks DOES seem imminent, but I think we'll have time to get it done. (As long as our fellow bloggers rejoin us soon).

    Hellooo out there...

    Let's do a predictions post next week ahead of game one. I already know my overall prediction -- just have to look back over the schedule to predict the exact record.

  5. And now who's the lead story in the Times' college football section?

    That's right, Aqib Talib.

    Rock Chalk, I say, Rock Chalk.

    Guess I'll think over predictions while we await the return (?) of the rest of the nation. . . .