Saturday, October 20, 2007

Time to jump on the Bandwagon!

KU 19, CU 14!

Jayhawks 7-0, 1st place Big XII North.

They'll probably go up to 16 or so in the rankings too. If we keep doing this well, I'm a little worried someone's going to try to hire Mangino away from us (Nebraska, aTm?).

Anyway it went down to the last couple of minutes. Todd Riesing, the QB is really the difference. His pocket presence is just better than any QB I've watched since I was at Tennessee.

Buffalo Steaks for Mangino!WOOOHOOO!


  1. Jump to 16? We're 13 as of last Monday, baby.

    Rock Chalk!

    (And how cool is it (or perhaps it's more weird than cool?) that we found a bar in Seattle with like 10 other KU folks there to watch the football (?!?) game?)

    Nice to see you back on the blog, JSJ.

  2. Yow.
    Would you believe #12 (AP)? How about #9 (BCS)?


  3. Also, I notice our schedule isn't as murderous as the usual Big 12 gauntlet (maybe due to Nebraska's collapse); the only ranked team left is Missouri, on a neutral field, plus presumably OU in the conference championship.

    However, games at A&M next week and at OSU later will be highly dangerous. Ranking aside, are we definitely better than those teams?

  4. LOL, I heard Mangino on with Bob Davis Today and they asked about Deron's guy Tom Keegan.

    Bob:"Coach, what do you think about this Tom Keegan guy writing about Todd Reising for Heisman?"

    Coach M.: "Well maybe they can help each other out there. Keegan can write about how Reising should win the Heisman, and Reising can tell people Keegan should get the award for best sportswriter in Kansas."

  5. Sounds like another impressive performance last night.

    “We try to get it out so we can get it down the court,” Arthur said. “We’re trying to play faster this year than we did last year.”