Sunday, January 11, 2009


Somebody has to say it.

This photo from seems to about capture my feeling about the game.

Turnovers; lack of scoring; poor rebounding (what did we give up, like 14 offense boards in the 1st half??) . . . I was so ready for Scott to repeat his prediction glory with respect to Morningstar, but it just wasn't there. So much just wasn't there.


To their credit, KU won the second half, and finished with some decent fight. Far too late, of course, but it made for a nice silver lining or light at the end of the tunnel or some such.

K-State didn't look too hot at home against OU, but I have no idea what to expect on Tuesday . . .


  1. I wouldn't say the sky is falling here. You had to pretty much chalk this one in the loss column ahead of time -- I mean, the Spartans are #8 for a reason. This schedule would have been more appropriate for one of the last two seasons -- it's just too much to ask a rebuilding team to take on 'Zona and MSU in their first two road games.

    I was much more depressed by the UMass game than this one, and the 'Zona game as well, because at least this time we improved over the course of the game, and we've got something to build on.

    For instance, if we can just keep Jekyll-Sherron (2nd half) and kill Hyde-Sherron (1st half) think how great this team could be. The commentators are blaming the freshmen, but when the team's junior leader coughs up the ball 6 times in a half how can we expect the freshmen to do better?

    One note: after all the concern about defense last week, we held the Spartans, in their own gym, to 39 percent shooting. Not too shabby for a young team.

  2. Great photo Yancy.

    I didn't get to start watching until The Second half when it was about hopeless at the 8 minute mark. Izzo looked smarmy though.