Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pummel the Powerkittenz

The Purple Kitties have shown some flashes where they looked talented when they play chumps, but anytime they've played a decent team, their true colors show.

I predict Jayhawk transcendence to the tune of 72-59.


  1. You're a good kitty, aren't you? Yes you are.

    'Hawks will be hungry, win by 20.

  2. They split the difference between our two predictions, SJ.

    This game might have been a turning point, with Mario now firmly on the roster (and the starting lineup, surprisingly) and Tyshawn coming alive.

    I wonder if Self sticks with this small starting unit -- Mario at the 4 and the twins coming off the bench. Cole did get into foul trouble and we got outrebounded, so it was not an unqualified success.

    Nice to see this team putting up points -- not exactly Roy #s, but that's 91, 92 and 87 in our last three home games -- against good competition each time.

    One thing that concerns me coming out of that game: We might be at risk for another Bramlage loss this year. The Cats have talent, and they're not scared of us.

    Hope you guys got to see this one -- some great highlights here.

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  4. Taylor had a nice game too.

  5. I saw most of the 2nd, which means I missed the blow-out start and the slippage.

    But I did get to see the team respond to the Cats run: was great to see Morningstar hit that three, and--as Scott just said--Taylor was great down the stretch.

    Was very encouraging to see the team face a late run and (mostly) keep their cool.

    Sherron still appears to be hovering around a 1:1 assist-to-turnover ratio, which still worries me . . . (Okay, it's really like 3:2, but still, he should be better than that.)

    On the whole, though, a nice fun game--and you're right about those points, Deron. Definitely makes it fun to watch.

    So I see Mizzou beat Colorado 107-62 (ouch!). That was in Columbia, but does that even make a difference with a team like the Buffs? How about 99-70 for Saturday?