Friday, August 29, 2008

Basketball Tomorrow!

Football too!

Both teams are underway starting tomorrow; will either season be as wonderful as last year? Tough acts to follow. Will we get an idea tomorrow? Well, the football game isn't being televised, so that's a tough one.

And basketball? It's not even mentioned on the schedule I posted before going silent recently, but if you'll look at this version of the schedule you'll see that there are actually three exhibition games in Canada this weekend, starting with the Redmen of McGill University

How will our young team fare? Will the Morris twins be cleared in time to play? Will even highlights show up on video anywhere?

Exciting times.
Happy Labor Day. And go Obama!

[Sorry, Scott: I had to bump this back to the top. The first basketball and football games seem bigger than one man's phone issues (no disrespect). (Granted, you and I are the only action on here for like a month . . .) Anyhow, I'll try give you a call this weekend . . .]


  1. no, my phone issues are of paramount concern!!

  2. You're probably right, SJ.

    Here's an update, though, for what it's worth:
    KU 72, McGill 67. Rock Chalk!

    Looks like the game was way tighter than we'd have hoped, but I don't think Collins or the Morris kids played . . . Aldrich did have 10 pts and 18 (!) rebounds, so that seems good . . .

  3. Take that you hosers, eh?

  4. Actually that's a pretty close score, WTF?

  5. Even closer against Carleton. But I hear they're a Canadian powerhouse (26-1 last year?), so I guess that's all right.

    And we're up 60-39 against Ottawa U with like 14 left in the second half, so the exhibition trip looks like a sweep.
    Rock Chalk!

    Hard to draw many conclusions, but Teahan appears to be getting some minutes, and Taylor and Aldrich are putting up decent numbers . . .

  6. Tyrel Reed? Tyshawn Taylor? Tyrone Appleton? I'm getting confused.

    Gary Bedore has a nice rundown of the new guys. Sounds promising, but if those twins don't qualify, we're going to be just a bunch of little guys orbiting around Aldrich.