Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2-0 and Nothing to Say

We're perfect in exhibition season!


Anyone out there?

Highlights from the Emporia State game here


  1. Thanks, Yance. It's hard to get back in the groove here -- still got the championship-then-election hangover.

    I can't decide if we're a contender or a bubble team, but those highlights look promising.

    Watching the football game against UT right now. Looking anemic on offense, but still only down 7 in the first half.

  2. Ah the first half . . .

    Final score on that football game looks rough. We were sleeping off last night's pub crawl with the Seattle KU folk (how's that for timing), so we missed the chance to watch the game, alas (?).

    But basketball season begins tomorrow! Sunday the 16th at 7:30 Central (that's 5:30 Pacific--so much nicer than 9am; love a sport with a more reasonable schedule). UMKC!

    The 'Roos are going down!

    Not sure how much it'll tell us, and not sure that we'll be able to track down a TV in time, but I'm excited to watch the team begin its defense of the national title.

    Too bad it sounds like Teahan's struggling so far, but those twins (and especially Marcus, I think) look pretty solid.

  3. Ah the first half... That was a simpler, happier time.

    Thank God it's basketball season, and the 'Roos did go down, though not by quite the margin you'd have liked.