Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Senior Night: Colorado @ KU

Goodbye to Hawkins, Moody, Vinson, and Max Falkenstein.

Any predicitons? (about the game or the night)


  1. Max will cry before the game, Buffaloes will cry after the game. KU 85, CU 68

  2. The Buffs are desperate and will play hard. They might keep it close for a while, but I have yet to see a Ricardo Patton team EVER (and he's been there for a decade) make KU sweat out a game at the Fieldhouse.

    Max's last hurrah at the Fieldhouse is definitely the biggest story of the night. Damn if I'm not going to miss that old codger.

  3. 78-72 KU. It will be closer than it should be. Colorado is good and needs the win. KU may be too emotion with Senior Night, and feeling like they need to respond after Texas. I see execution and turnovers being a problem. But they will play intense.

  4. I didn't join in time to predict, but I'm sure I would have been right.

    With 3 min. left in the first half, I hoped to see CU kept under 10 for the half. Well, that didn't happen. But more importantly, we won and UT lost.

    I'm somewhat concerned with BRush's ball-handling. He gets numerous traveling calls every game, and it seems to me that he loses control more often than he should. That will improve, I know, but it could cause more trouble as teams copy UT's method of defending against him.

    If OU beats UT and we lose to KSU, wouldn't that be a three-way tie for first? ...And wouldn't that violate the transitive property? That wouldn't be a dilemma for automatic bids to the dance THIS year, but I guess I'm fascinated by contingencies.

    Thanks for the invitation, Scott, and greetings to all.

  5. that means we win, technically speaking. We'd have the best head-to-head against common opponents (since 2 of our 3 losses are against the north and we did not get swept by OU).