Monday, March 13, 2006


As we wait for Scott to recover from his cold enough to go online again, I thought I'd take this opportunity to put up this video of some Julian Wright highlights from yesterday. Damn I like that kid.

Of course, thanks to for the footage . . .


  1. One of the TV announcers said on Saturday (paraphrasing here): "The only thing Julian Wright forgets to do sometimes is file a FLIGHT plan."

    Great montage. I love Russell's tetherball tap on that last runout.

    You know what really makes me happy? Three Big 12 losses this season, and we avenged ALL of them.

  2. This may be the stat line of the game:
    Jeff Hawkins - 13 points, 5 assists, 0 turnovers.

    We wouldn't have won without him. He hit 4 of 5 threes and many of them came when UT was building momentum.

    Tennessee being a 2 seed gives every strong 3 and 4 seed a right to bitch.

    I like our chances overall our region, but the first 2 games will be tough.

    "We got it! We got it" - Bill Self.

  3. Yes! For the first time ever, Hawk plays big in a big game. He was good all weekend, taking a brutal hit for the team on Friday, then shooting lights out against Nebraska, but Sun. was the first time he showed he could play with the big boys.

  4. So far we have been picked to go to the final four by Jay Bilas, The Chicago Red Eye, and CNNSI pick us to go to the final four.


    "The Pick: Kansas.
    The Jayhawks are all grown up since starting the season 3-4; going into the tournament, they've won 15 of their last 16. Kansas couldn't have asked for a better draw. Judging the way the Jayhawks shut down Texas big man LaMarcus Aldridge in the Big 12 title game, they can handle the likes of Pitt's Aaron Gray. Also, they're far more athletic than overrated Memphis and they've played a tougher schedule than both UCLA and Gonzaga. Forget about their youth and inexperience, the Jayhawks are primed to make a run all the way to Indy."

  5. apparently Doug Gottlieb picked us to make it as well.

  6. Can I just say that Tennessee is 18 and 19 in the polls today and have dropped 4 of 6.

    This is not a 2 seed.

  7. & I would add that George Washington is 6 & 11--is that an 8 seed?

  8. I have partially recovered today.

    Here is my opinion of the NCAA selection commitee's f-up's.

    This is the worst a tournament committee has performed in quite some time IMO. I will list the moves I view as mistakes from most egregious to least.

    #1- Air Force in as a #13 seed, Utah State in as a #12 seed. Missouri State, Cincinnatti, and Florida St. left out.

    AF has only beaten 1 team in the tourney (San Diego St.), likewise Utah St. only beat 1 team in the tourney (Nevada).

    Missouri St. beat Oral Roberts, SIU, Bradley, N. Iowa, and Wisc-Milwaukee. By my count that's 4-1. Cincy and FSU went 8-8 and 9-7 in two of the toughest conferences. They both beat several tourney teams along the way. I could almost understand if Missouri St was snubbed in favor of Cincy or FSU, but Air Force?! They have more quality wins, fewer bad losses, and a much higher RPI. WTF could Air Force's bid over the Bears be based on? Donald Rumsfeld's recommendation? Giant screw job (although I did predict it.)

    #2-George Washington gets a #8 seed. This team lost 2 games. I mean the A-10 isn't exactly the Big East, but this team was ranked #6 in the country just last week. Pops Mensa-Bonsu's health supposedly affected this seed (even though he may play), so why didn't Allan Ray's health affect Villanova's seed? Either drop them to a 2, or raise GW to a 6. Oh yeah, and if they win their first round game, they get to play Duke. Happy happy joy joy.

    #3- Tennessee a #2 seed. I mean c'mon really, WTF? Yeah their RPI is #6, but that didn't matter so much when we were excluding Missouri St.
    This is a team that has dropped games to S. Carolina, Arkansas, and Kentucky, all in the last week and a half. Their best victory was when they pasted TX @ TX, but Gibson was hurt for that game. UNC won the title last year, but lost to Santa Clara when Felton was injured. They should be a #4 at best IMO. This seed should've gone to Gonzaga (see next item).

    #4-Gonzaga gets a #3 seed. They didn't lose to anybody in conference, played a tough nonconference schedule. They performed better than last year, but get the same seed. I mean their story is pretty much Memphis's. So if you are going to reward the Tigers with a #1, be consistent and give the Zags a #2.

    #5-Indiana gets a #6 seed. Hell, I thought they were a bubble team, now they are a six? just based on what they did in the Big 10 tourney, winning 1 game (against Wisconsin)? Their RPI was #34, but this team is 18-11. This is a team that is 5-6 in its last 11 games. 4 of those wins were against non-tourney teams too. They should've been more like a #9 seed or something.

  9. Welcome back, SJ.

    I concur with all your arguments here. Do the brackets seem to get worse and worse every year, or is it just that we're paying closer attention?

    UT and UT are both undeserving of 2s, in my opinion. I think the four line is as good or better than the 2s.

    Tennessee as a 2 seed is soooooo three weeks ago.