Thursday, March 30, 2006


I caught only bits and pieces of last night's McDonald's game. I barely saw Darrell Arthur play at all, but Sherron Collins did get a lot of PT.

Collins is certainly diminutive, and maybe not as speedy as I was hoping. He got his shot sent back decisively by the giant Greg Oden, but so did a lot of players. Collins' height deficiency is somewhat mitigated by his power; he looks as strong as an ox out there. Not only that, but he has hops. He participated in (though did not win) the McDonald's Slam Dunk event, and punctuated the game by tossing the ball off the glass to himself and stuffing it one-handed. (Why do I think this kid's going to be Yancy's favorite player?)

The best player of the night other than Oden, however, was Kevin Durant, future Longhorn. Scottie Reynolds, whom Sampson has abandoned at OU, showed some signs as well. And one player, I can't remember which, is headed to Baylor, of all places. So ... maybe we can conclude that the death of the Big 12 has been greatly exaggerated.

Highlights of the game, including the Dunk, can be seen here.


  1. Shit—guess I should've checked for new posts before adding my own poorly-punned contribution.
    Thanks for the link to the video; if I have a chance later, I'll work on violating some intellecutal property rights and try to embed the dunk clip onto the blog. . . . Beautiful.

  2. It's a good pun, actually, but remember to save some of the good headlines for his actual KU career.

    I was also considering "My Sherron Amour," but that song may be too obscure, and it might have given people the wrong idea ...

  3. That's a great pun—& I think I'm getting exactly the right idea. . . .