Saturday, March 11, 2006

KU vs Texas, part 2; seeds?

Anyone else have internet access at home?
If so, any interest in calling this KU/UT game?

Think I'll go back to my 83-68 score: we've gotten Texas' best shot, and we can play tomorrow with nothing to lose. Plus, Rush has shown signs of coming out of his slump lately (what's more, it looks like the tournament's using Wilson balls--it's on, baby).

while I'm at it, any seed predictions?



  1. oh, so close! 80-68 is so close to 83-68

    & I guess I win the call this time!

    a 4? I can live with that--BC's a 4 too; good company

    I'm worried about Pitt (yeah, I can worry about 2nd round games; jealous?), but Bilas picked us as a final four team . . .

  2. Nice call, YHD.

    I didn't get to see this game or go online all weekend as I was in transit. Thanks to CR for calling and giving me the play-by-play in the endgame.

    We deserved a three, but I think we got a decent draw.

    John Feinstein gave us some love on NPR this morning--named us as one of two mid-seed teams to watch.

    We need to hear from SJ--potential sweet 16 matchup with his other favorite team. Where are you, Scotty?