Monday, March 13, 2006

Collision Course

Well, F***. I really didn't want KU to be in the same bracket as Memphis. I think both teams have Final 4 potential, but now both cannot make it. Here's my take for the record.

I'm pretty confident that Memphis will be able to roll the Bucknell/Arkansas winner (I'm taking the Bison), but I'm not as confident that KU can beat that Pitt team. They'll clog up the middle, so we'll have to be hitting from outside.

If my two teams do play, IMO KU would win 6/10 games.

The teams are almost mirror images of each other with their near-total lack of experience, their ridiculous talent level, and their overall team depth. Both teams are long and quick and play excellent FG % defense.

KU's guards generate tremendous pressure on D, but they aren't any faster than the guards at UAB that Memphis has played 2x recently. If Joey Dorsey for Memphis stays out of foul trouble (which he rarely does), then KU will have to keep rotating Giles/Kaun/Jackson to try to wear him down (Dorsey is 6'9" 260+, a total beast). I think Rush and Carney neutralize each other a bit (edge to Carney). But Robinson and Chalmers have the edge on Memphis's backcourt of Washington/Anderson (among others).

The real difference to me will be who has the better game between Julian Wright and Shawne Williams. Both are 6'9", quick. Wright is better on D (although Williams blocks shots too). Wright is the better passer. But if S. Williams is hitting his threes (where no one on KU could really guard him), then that puts the Tigers on top. Similarly if Wright is able ot pass at will from the high post and get Memphis's bigs in foul trouble, then KU wins.

There would be highlights of ridiculous dunks/blocked shots all over the place.

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  1. I will, of course be rooting for Memphis in that game if it happens. I've been watching them since I was 4 years old. I wish somehow KU could teleport into Villanova's bracket and takethose guys out.