Thursday, March 16, 2006

Under-Dog Day Afternoon

This afternoon, by my count, the lower seed has won in four of seven games, but not any of the ones I picked. I'm now two of seven.

It was not a good afternoon for the dreaded Big East, with Marquette and Seton Hall going down (hard). I picked those two to win on the theory that, when in doubt, go with the Big East. Oh, the humanity...

The Wichita St. win is a huge coup for the Mid-Majors, and the MVC, of which Bradley is a member. I hope that doesn't portend trouble for us tomorrow...


  1. As much as we all might want to credit Wichita St for winning as a mid-major team, they were the higher seed (a 7 to Hall's 10). So my count is 3 out of 7.

    If you're curious, Emily & I are 4-3 (or 5-3, I guess, as it looks like UCLA has Belmont on the ropes). Really thought Winthrop could pull it out--good game, at least. . . .

  2. My mistake on Wichita St. It never even registered with me that they were the higher seed.

    However, it IS an upset in this regard: while more and more Mid-Majors are getting invites, and more and more of them are scoring upsets, they haven't done very well when actually favored (see Gonzaga the last several years). So in a way, the Shockers winning as a higher seed is a bigger breakthrough than say, Wisc-Milw winning as a lower seed.

    Thus, the fact that this was not an upset made it more of one. I think my logic here is unimpeachable. Case closed.