Thursday, March 09, 2006

O vs I? and BA's in bball?

Just curious if anyone's got a feeling on tonight's ISU/OSU game--who seems like the winner? And does KU prefer one over the other?
Anyone listen to NPR? I heard a funny commentary by Frank Deford, on that "student" word in the phrase "student athlete"--maybe a major in football's in the cards? If you'd like to listen, please enjoy (and please enjoy the fact that you're enjoying a "podcast"--I suspect that for Deron at least this is a first . . .).

my ISU/OSU feeling?
we'd be better off playing OSU (can we really expect to beat ISU 3 times this year?), but I expect that we'll face the Cyclones: ISU 63, OSU 59


  1. ooops

    well, hopefully my thought that we'd be okay against OSU won't be as off as my call for the OSU/ISU game . . .

  2. The Stillwaterites have been coming on lately. This one won't be easy.

    Still, you're probably right that we're more likely to beat a team twice (which we've already done to Neb., ISU, and CU) than thrice.

    I'd like to add that "podcast" is one of the worst bastardizations of the language I've heard. It's just a radio show or snippet that you can listen to online. Why do they even need a word for that? (I have heard them before; I'd listen to the Deford one if I had sound on this computer, but I don't).

  3. well, in fairness to this linguistic trend, the real idea--which I applaud, if you're wondering--is that you subscribe to the feed, which then insures that episodes are automatically downloaded onto your iPod; it just so happens that I, in sharing this one, am using a particular episode as a snippet to be listened to online . . .

    oh, and don't you Lee brothers have jobs? my but you're prolific from 9 to 5 . . .

  4. Slow day at the office.

    I forgot about the word's iPod-related origin. That makes it even worse. Our language isn't just being bastardized, it's being corporatized.

  5. there's just no pleasing you

    ps, I love apple computers

  6. Corporate stooge...