Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thanks Max! and Go Aggies!

Good results all around.
& did you see Max's jersey?


The full video of the tribute to Max is available here. Every single game in Allen Fieldhouse--damn.

& 75-54's not a bad score, either.

& how about A&M?
Hell yeah!
I'd put up a video or some pics, but I just wanted to get this up asap. You & me, Ismail--we saw this coming; though it was even more fun than I expected.


  1. I don't know what I'm doing. I think I respondend to the wrong post (see below). Anyway, I'm glad to join y'all.

  2. Well I called the blowout, just had the wrong scoring range.

    I also called the loss to UT., So I'll graciously accept my mantle of "most accurate" ;)

  3. If we can beat K-Sate we now share the Big XII title since UT lost to aTm.

  4. BTW I'll never forget how Eddie Sutton said that he listened to Max as a kid.