Friday, March 17, 2006

Deja Vu

As we speak, I'm having uncomfortable flashbacks to last year. Just about five minutes ago, a dramatic last-second shot resulted in the tourney's biggest upset so far--Northwestern St. over Iowa--yes, a 14 beats a 3. Only minutes later, Bucknell finished off Arkansas in another great game.

My own record so far? Not good. Not good at all. But remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint.


  1. I guess we don't have to wait until the second round for big upsets.

    I'm 1-3 so far today. Ooof.

    Bad day for the big 10.

    Why did I pick Arkansas to beat Memphis?

  2. And what the hell happened to Wisconsin? E & I sit at 2-2 (we got OSU & Bucknell right--had to go with the Bison, especially as a win for them this year eases a little the pain of last year's).

    This MVC, though--I don't know, boys: Northern Iowa's up 7 right now over that lovely offense I've heard Georgetown likes to run. . . .

    I just hope Bradley really is the weakest of the 4.

  3. another bad trend is that at least 2 conf. tourney champs, Iowa & Syracuse, have gone down.

    Looks like we'll have to win tonight despite some trends.