Friday, March 03, 2006

Go Ahead--Bite the Little Apple! (Don't Mind the Maggots).

Time to hear your thoughts on tomorrow's game in Manhattan. Will we taste sweet revenge, or will the Bramlage streak come to an end?

Also, what's at stake here? What, if any, will be the seeding consequences if we lose?


  1. We roll those clowns too.

    K-State has little to play for (possible NIT berth). The first time we played was before Chalmers and Robinson "got it". KU 83-KSU 66

    Seeding implcations. IMO, a loss would likely drop us to a 6 or 7. A W does next to nothing. The only way we can improve our seed is with a marquee win against OU or TX in the Big XII tourney.

  2. I have to disagree about KSU's motivation--just ending that Bramlage curse against KU would be motivation enough. They'll play with some fire. But I agree with your score, more or less. I'll say we win by a dozen.

    As for the seeding, I'm not sure it makes a difference up or down. Now that we've secured no worse than second in the conference, we should be no worse than 5 either way. We could go higher with a conference tourney run or lower with a first round exit.

    However, IF we win tomorrow and OU pulls off the upset of UT Sun., then guess what? We've won the Big 12, and suddenly we're looking at a possible 2 or 3. Or if we lose but OU wins, then we have a three-way tie for 1st, in which case I like us for a 3 or 4 depending on what happens the following weekend.

    Everybody following me?

  3. KU by 20. KU plays for a possible outright Big 12 title. And revenge. sweet sweet revenge. I think OU beats TX, so KU ends up with the No. 1 Big 12 tourney seed. I say Sasha scores 18.

  4. I agree with Deron that KSU has plenty of motivation--sweep KU, Bramlage curse, ...isn't it also senior night for them?

    KSU played both UT and OU very close at home. I think they'll do it again, but KU still wins 66-63.

  5. well, the game's already going, but I just now got online here in St Louis (& I have no tv feed of Manhattan, oddly enough), so I'll pitch in some thoughts:
    80-60 KU. We'll lose there sooner or later, but not today.
    But I don't think OU beats Texas, so a 5 seed seems in the cards for us, maybe a 4 if we run the Big 12 tourney.

  6. Deron wins the "scoring margin" guessing game battle.