Monday, March 13, 2006

The Week in Pictures

The bracketologizing has begun (see below posts), but before going too far down that road I wanted to savor the images of last weekend one more time:

Photos are from the LJW, KC Star, Wichita Eagle, Topeka Capital-Journal, and Fox Sorry for the clumsy layout.


  1. you know, if you hadn't called your layout clumsy, I'd have just given you credit for being "artistic"

    good pics, though--unlike the tournament commitee (yow!)

  2. Just wanted to add to Chris' list & mention that Pete Thamel of the Times picked KU to make it all the way to the title game: click here.

  3. so did Hubert Davis on ESPN

    Mark Jackson picked my Tigers to win it all (definitely a bad sign).

  4. There were also some excellent slide shows this weekend at KC Star and Dallas Morning News, but I failed in my attempt to link to them. Maybe I'll try again later.

    Scott, Seth Davis said on the Mike and Mike show this morning that if ever there was a situation ripe for the first-ever 16-1 upset, it was Memphis facing a red-hot Oral Roberts team in Dallas, just down the road from Tulsa. (He wasn't predicting the upset, but he was floating it out there).

    Plus, Stephen Colbert pointed out last night that ORU's starting center is a 900-foot Jesus ...

  5. There is a pretty nice highlight reel here -;_ylt=A9htd1P77BZEtQgBQQ45nYcB

    It has videos for all the top 4 seeds.

  6. great video--& they even included Giles' pass to Moody for the dunk at the Mizzou game (a home-made clip of which I had put up a few weeks ago) . . .