Monday, March 06, 2006

Bad Keegan Quote of the Day: Oscar Edition

"Given all the buzz surrounding 'Brokeback Mountain' at last night’s Hollywood ego party, and the fact it didn’t win best picture, look for a sequel to win the Oscar that “Raging Bull” didn’t win in 1980."

"Now comes the tricky part: what to name the sequel to the gay cowboy love story."


"Got it: 'Lonesome Doug.'"


  1. you know, you're just upping his readership with these posts--are you sure you want to be responsible for so many folks reading this stuff?

  2. No, I'm reading his stuff so no one else has to. It's a valuable public service.

  3. But, I was going to say, the most interesting thing about today's quote is the "Raging Bull" non sequitur. Keegan's logic is so convoluted--I guess he's just operating on a whole different plane from the rest of us.