Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl

Two huge games this weekend, but only one of them matters for our purposes (sorry, Chris).

This will probably be the biggest game of the year for both teams--even more for the Aggies than us. I could see Kansas losing this game and still winning the conference because of our lighter schedule the rest of the way, but A&M may not have the same luxury.

For those too lazy to scroll down, here's some commentary from the previous thread:

yancy said...
Will the GameDay business distract the team? Or will it get them up, like playing Florida and OSU did?

As for A&M, they look pretty tough, and a lot like us: loss at Texas Tech, big margin over OSU. Only thing they lack is an embarrassing loss, although the 5 Dec. loss to LSU is looking shaky now that those Tigers are in a tailspin. A&M is also missing the sort of marquee win they would have if they beat us tomorrow; I hope we can match their intensity.

Here's one noteworthy stat: the most points the Aggies have allowed all season? 69, which Colorado put up in the course of losing by 18 in Boulder.
If we can hit 70, I think we win.

Hence, a prediction: KU 75-64.

10:24 AM
orjayhawk said...
KU 88 A&M 72. I predict A&M gets blown out of the gym early and never manages to crawl back in. They will wilt under our defensive intensity and we will capitalize on the resulting easy baskets.

Seth Davis at CNNSI:
I still hear words such as underachieving, inconsistent and enigmatic applied to the Jayhawks, yet here they sit at 6-1 in the Big 12 (19-3 overall) and ranked sixth in the country... I think the Jayhawks, with the help of the boisterous home crowd, will be able to create just enough fast-break opportunities to get the win.
Kansas 67, Texas A&M 61

As for me, I lean more towards Ismail's prediction of a KU semi-blowout (of the 16-20 point variety). So far we've played our best against the best teams, and the Aggies may not be quite prepared for the intensity of Fieldhouse fans in marquee games.

And I pick the Colts by the same margin. Again: Sorry, Chris.

(BTW, good call on Ashley Judd, Yance. But since she shows up at every UK game, it isn't quite as novel as Jay-Z or the Cable Guy).

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  1. Well, I hope you're wrong about the football.

    In that spirit, here's a link to an mp3 of the Super Bowl Shuffle, for old time's sake.

    No predictions to make, but here's hoping the Bears bear down and bring that trophy home to Chicago.