Friday, February 09, 2007

Too Soon?

The Border War resumes Saturday, only a few weeks after the first meeting. This is the first year I can remember in which the season was not capped by a KU-MU showdown; maybe an acknowledgment by the schedulers that the series would be lopsided this year. Still, something seems weird about this...

As for the game itself? It was too close for comfort last time; if we play like that again, we lose. But we won't. KU by 15.

Some great quotes in Bill Mayer's column on the K-State game:

"Several erratic Jayhawks ripped off their tuxedos and really jumped into the thicket Wednesday. ..."

"One of the delights of the KU operation is freshman Sherron Collins, who knows no fear and entertains no reluctance on any portion of the court. ... Leave Sherron alone, don’t coach him too much! He scores, he invigorates and ... seven assists with zero turnovers? Collins has a pit bull attitude and reflects just how good this team can be."

Some good pictures of the KSU game from the LJW and Wichita Eagle...


  1. Well, I hate myself already for saying anything, but last year did not end KU-MU. It ended KU-K-State. The 2nd Mizzou game was the 12th of 16 conference games for the Jayhawks. . . . (Schedule here or here.)

    I agree with the sentiment, though: the Border War should close conference play.

    I also agree that we looked better, and more focused against K-State this week, so I think we can win in Columbia by double-digits.

    I can only scratch my head, though, at Mayer's "goofy old man" commentaries. Tuxedos? Entertains no reluctance?

  2. Damn fact-checkers! Anyway, you get the idea...

    But come on! You've gotta love these Mayer quotes. They're always archaic, but this time they're apt. For once he's actually praising the current players.

    "Entertains no reluctance" is downright poetic. He uses the word "swashbuckling" elsewhere in the column ... and again--totally apt.