Thursday, February 15, 2007

CU Later, Suckers!

That may be the last we'll see of Ricardo Patton and Richard Robey (barring a tournament meeting), and what a fittingly pathetic swan song it was.

I guess three upsets in a row wasn't too much to ask after all. I love that Boulder crowd; the AP story estimated that it was 80% KU-friendly.

This string of blowouts has given us, if nothing else, some f-ing great highlights; these might be the best yet. It's all here, here, and here.

Great foul-line dunk from Jules, of course, but how about the steal and pass from Russell that started it?

(Finally solved my issue w/ blogger. Good thing, too--the rest of you are utter slackers.)


  1. OK, you don't all entirely suck.

    Chris is having the same problem posting as I was, but he found this New York Times article on Brandon. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks interesting.

  2. Either everyone is having trouble posting or this has become a seriously apathetic "discussion group."

    Could we break the 4-blowouts-in-a-row barrier? Nebraska at the Fieldhouse is always a convenient patsy...

  3. Sorry: today's last day of classes, so I've been a bit occupied.

    But I see no reason why the Nebraska game should be close to being close, so 4 blowouts in a row seems inevitable. . . .

    On the CU game, that ally-oop to Kahn in all that traffic was probably the play that impressed me the most; and it's always good to see Sasha look like a dominant post player. Does he have to score 10 for us to win? No, but it certainly frees things up.
    Speaking of bigs, though, I just want to re-state my affection for DJ: he hits one good jump shot from about the free-throw line whenever he gets decent minutes, and lately he's been great with the blocks and rebounds.

    It starting to look, by the bye, like a 1-seed is probably out of reach; so far our RPI hasn't cracked the top 10, and our SOS, while better than at the start of the season, is still hovering in the 40's.

    Are we strong enough for a 2, though? Looks like it, assuming we keep on playing like we have been.

    23 days until selection Sunday!

  4. 4 blowouts! We can do it!

    A 1 seed would be tough. If UNC falls to BC though, we could move ahead in the polls . . . But the top 5 has been pretty stubborn : fla, ucla, wisc, osu, unc. If one or two of those teams piles up some losses . . .

    I would say OSU is a candidate - they don't look that great to me - they haven't lost in over a month, so they have to lose sometime. But with the exception of Wisc and sometimes Indiana, the Big 10 is pretty weak. OSU has struggled mightily against Penn St. and Northwestern. Never a good sign.

    If the Jayhawks avoid a tailspin, we should be a 2.

    The team that scares me most is FLA - maybe UCLA. OSU and UNC have great talent, but I don't think they are much (if any) more consistent than we are - in terms of quality play, not just wins and losses.

    Wisconsin and UCLA seem really consistent, really tight. But Wisconsin isn't super talented, and I'm not sure about UCLA's roster - haven't seen much of them.

    But FLA seems to be super talented and super consistent. And we've beat them once this season . . .

  5. A little trivia - around this time in 2003 (Feb 22nd to be exact) the Jayhawks were 20-5 overall, 10-1 league.

    Remember, this was Roy's last year, and we made the championship game.

    We went into the tourney as a 2 seed with a 25-7 record.

    We are currently 22-4 overall, and 9-2 league.