Friday, February 23, 2007

Insult, Injury, Tragedy

We face Iowa State again on Saturday, a team that has only won a few conference games, none against top teams. (How again did we let this team take us to overtime?)

Russell's out with a foot sprain, and will be replaced in the lineup for the next one or two games by Collins, who actually caused the injury by falling on him. We need RR back, but we still should have no trouble w/ the Cyclones: KU by 25.

Coincidentally, it was only yesterday that CNNSI's Luke Winn examined in depth the question of whether Sherron should get more minutes. Winn has high praise for Sherron but ranks KU at 8th, still below A&M.

Some other news items of interest: PETA has taken notice of K-State's live chicken-tossing. Always good to see liberal interest groups monitoring the Big 12 action.

And, I'm sad to say, Kirk Rundstrom of Split Lip Rayfield passed away yesterday in Wichita at 38. The LJW has a great slideshow and podcast that just about brought me to tears right here at my desk. And please revisit the Jayhawk Nation tribute to Kirk and Split Lip here.


  1. That's a damn shame, that last point. Thanks, Deron, for the post, though.

    That slideshow is a great tribute. And, as I said back in August, I really admire the way he went out.

  2. I drank a shot and toasted him today. A tragic loss of an inspirational, talented guy. Very upsetting.