Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cats come to town!

My Prediction: KU 94 KState 78.

I think we come out angry. Or at least we should if we are worth a damn.


  1. Didn't get to see the game, but from what I can tell, you nailed it, Scott, both visually and points-wise. (Yancy's prediction was also on-the-money).

    How about the big game from all three big guys--DA, DJ, and yes, even SK. That may be a first.

    And oh, such highlights!

  2. We came out with more fire for sure, but to me the main difference was that we let the guards intiate the offense and did not ask Kaun, Jackson or Arthur to do it. Collins et al, penetrated, drew defenders and asked the bigs to do what they do best, clean up the garbage. Plus Rush came out looking for his shot.

  3. No, our big guys aren't mere garbagemen; Sasha and esp. Darrell are more than capable of creating some offense if they get good feeds, and they need to do just that in order for us to have a multi-dimensional attack.

    You're right that we're at our best when the guards are getting into the paint. But we can't just assume that's going to happen every time down the floor. Give A&M some credit for our difficulty penetrating on Saturday.

    I know you thought we tried to run too much through Sasha on Sat., and that may be right. But we can't just ignore the talents of our post players, either. This team can and should get scoring from positions 1 through 5.

  4. Boy was I wrong about this one...
    I admit I believed the "K-State is for real this year, really!" hype. Why do the Jayhawks play so much better after a loss? It seems like this has happened a few times already this year. Is it coaching? Motivation? I didnt see the game, but how is it possible DA picked up so many fouls in so few minutes! Especailly with their posts not being overly effective. That is troubling. Still, I love the win. Could you hear the "DUI" chant on tv?