Sunday, February 18, 2007

KU 92-NU 39

Are you f-ing kidding me? The 4-blowout barrier has been breached!

For like three games in a row I've predicted that we can't keep steamrolling everyone, and each time I've been glad to be wrong.

Even in Roy's years we never saw a score like this one; sure, we might score 100 easily, but holding the opponent under 40? Unheard of.

A couple of points on the issue of rankings and seeds, as Chris and Yancy discussed below:

During our streak, everyone ranked ahead of us has lost except the Big 10 teams. But exactly where should we be ranked now? You could make the case for us being as high as 4th (same record as UNC but playing better at the moment), but should we really move ahead of A&M? We're now tied with them in conference but they beat us head-to-head.

Chris, it's true our record is similar to that of the 2003 team, but the league was much tougher that year and our noncon schedule was much tougher as well (UNC, Florida, Oregon, Arizona, Tulsa). Our weak schedule could be what ultimately denies us a 1-seed, all other things being equal.

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