Monday, February 19, 2007

19-0 at Bramlage? 5 blowouts in a row?

I guess this year must be pretty good if these are the questions I'm asking before our #6 Jayhawks go on the road for Big Monday.

Coach Huggins, during K-State's season-opening madness (?) guaranteed a win and an end the Cats winless streak against KU in Manhattan. They've never beaten KU in Bramlage in 18 tries.

Will they tonight? After the unholy beat-down against Nebraska, we really look pretty unstoppable right now. And Deron's right (see below): I can't remember such a dominant KU game, at least in conference play. Ouch.

Speaking of Deron, we did move ahead of A&M, but not as high as we might have. 6 seems just fine, though: a solid two-seed.

All we need, then, is to keep playing like a 2. Thus, let's go 90-70 KU this evening.
Five blowouts in a row? Yes! 19-0 at Bramlage? Yes!


  1. PS, good pics Scott. Who's dunk is that in the video?

  2. Nice win by the Hawks. I think that's the most hostile environment we have played in this year. Collins was amazing. He looked like he was in the Matrix on that one move on the baseline around the two defenders.