Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Huskers Fail to "Git 'Er Done"

Not even the august presence of a certain comedy legend could inspire Nebraska in this one. (Maybe the best celeb sighting at a KU game since Jay-Z at St. John's, like 5 years ago.)

I was starting to feel almost sorry for Doc and co. when the score hit 39-6. I thought, this is a Nebraska-KU football score, only reversed (before the brilliant Mangino era, of course).

We didn't finish as well as we started, but after a first half like that you can't really hope for more than a holding pattern the rest of the game.

Things got so relaxed late that Brandon was joking with ushers.

BTW, both the Star and Journal-World opted for the "Creamed Corn" headline, proving once again that great minds think alike.


  1. What about that girl who goes to all the Kentucky games?

    I agree with the assessment, DGL: after such a strong start, the fact that the 2nd half was a bit of a deflation seemed fine. Great rebounding margin, by the way (47-21).

    How about tomorrow? Will the GameDay business distract the team? Or will it get them up, like playing Florida and OSU did?

    As for A&M, they look pretty tough, and a lot like us: loss at Texas Tech, big margin over OSU. Only thing they lack is an embarrassing loss, although the 5 Dec. loss to LSU is looking shaky now that those Tigers are in a tailspin. A&M is also missing the sort of marquee win they would have if they beat us tomorrow; I hope we can match their intensity.

    Here's one noteworthy stat: the most points the Aggies have allowed all season? 69, which Colorado put up in the course of losing by 18 in Boulder.
    If we can hit 70, I think we win.

    Hence, a prediction: KU 75-64.

  2. KU 88 A&M 72. I predict A&M gets blown out of the gym early and never manages to crawl back in. They will wilt under our defensive intensity and we will capitalize on the resulting easy baskets.