Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Big 12 Kickoff

Now soliciting predictions for Wednesday's game against the Cowboys (no, you're not allowed to watch the President's speech instead) AND for the Big 12 in general.

Tonight, it will be a brutal battle of attrition which OSU will lose because they are only 8 players deep. (No troop surge on the horizon for them). KU wins, 68-62.

As for the conference in general, I project that we'll go 15-1 and win it by two games. The schedule just lines up for us too well.

At any rate, if we want any chance of getting a 1 seed in the Dance, we're going to need to do about that well. Considering that our conference is rated even lower than the Missouri Valley right now, merely winning it will not be enough: we need to dominate.


  1. KU wins. I offer an otimistic prediction, 84-73. I am so excited to see the 'Hawks score more than 80! Will it ever happen? I bet we see more zone tonight. Should be a great one.

  2. Conference prediction?

    I hope you're right about tonight, but I don't think this is the opponent we're going to score 80 against. Maybe in OT.

  3. I think I see more fun than brutality on the way: KU, 90-78.
    After all, none other than Northwestern State scored 76 against OSU--I think we can push their 68 ppg-allowed average up a bit tonight.

    As for the conference, I think Deron's right about the record. We have the talent to win 'em all, but perhaps not the concentration.
    For separation's sake, though, I'll expect KU to win the Big 12 by 2.5 games.

  4. Conference: KU 12-4 (3 road losses; 1 home)

    Tonight, Tonight: KU 74 Slowpokes 69

  5. I hope you're wrong, Scott. 12-4 won't win us the conference (not outright anyway), and won't get us anywhere near a 1 seed.

    Road schedule: Mizzou, K-State, ISU, Baylor, Nebraska, Colorado, Tech, and OU. If we lose three games to these patsies, we're a much worse team than I thought.

  6. I think 12-4 wins the Big 12 this year. No one in the south can run the table and they all have to play each other 2x. KU has an enormous advantage playing in the North this year.

    I could see 13-3, but you are right about the 1 seed. The SJ metric projects a 2 seed for KU, which usually treats us better anyway.