Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bears Lose (But Not To Colts)

KU 82, Baylor 56.

Finally, Julian and Brandon get their mojo back, and Sherron continues his hot streak despite hecklers reportedly comparing him to Gary Coleman. (LJW's Bedore, ever the fact-checker, helpfully explained that Sherron "is actually quite a bit taller than the former 'Different Strokes' actor").

The Coleman thing was pretty classless, but I can't blame BU fans for hating Darrell.

Anyway, more good news: A&M falls at Lubbock, bringing us back into a tie for first (a 5-way tie, but we'll take it) and somewhat legitimizing our loss there.


  1. A bit more good news from this week's RPI update:
    Even after the Tech loss, it seems that we're up to 19 overall, with an SOS ranking of 44.

    That Tech/A&M game had a pretty fun close, though A&M's in-bounds pass when they were down by two with 9 seconds left was weirdly bad (& stolen immediately). I'm still unsure why the fans there feel like they need to keep rushing the court, but whatever. As Deron said, it's all good news for KU.

  2. hey, let's talk Texas game tickets for a second (this seems easier than calling y'all, so here goes):
    I could right now buy 4 side-by-side reserved seats for like $125 each. It's steep, but it's there.

    Now, I've told some people I was hunting for tickets, but I'm at an odd number now (5), so it's looking like it will be tricky. Not sure I can find five reserved seats together. GA tickets, if there are any, go on sale 19 Feb. at 9am. . . .

    What's my point? Not sure, but at least this: 1) if I can hold out, I am going to wait for the 19th. If that changes, I'll let you know. Also, 2) those of you in Lawrence (Scott, e.g.) may want to do some looking yourselves, as I'm not sure I can get enough on my own. . . .

    Okay; cheers, boys.

  3. Who are the five, Yance? (I don't think HH really cares whether she goes or not.)

    $125 might be a shade too high for me (although not really surprising); I'll have to think about that one.

    BTW, I didn't have time to post it yesterday, but the Baylor highlights were great, esp. Julian's putback, of course.

    Correction from yesterday: it's a 4-way tie for first, since OSU has two losses. But in all fairness, they already played their two toughest games of the year: at KU, at A&M.

    Can't really blame Tech fans for storming the court; it's not often you beat two top 10 teams in a week. I was more bothered by KU fans being on the court after the FL game (though I wouldn't quite describe it as "storming").

  4. and I wouldn't quite describe them as "fans"

    it's myself, my lovely wife, Scott, Steve (Scott's roomie), and you, DGL. I heard from Aaron, by the bye, and he can have someone sit with him, but that someone needs to already have a GA ticket . . .

    Anyway, right now waiting until the tickets are released seems to make the most sense (they will only be $45 each; the only danger is that the students will get them all first). . . .

    On the game in Waco:
    I loved the put-back.

    Watching the game (I'll be the sour one for the moment), though, wasn't as encouraging as the score makes it look. How can I say such a thing? Well, we can't count on teams doing things like missing 16 shots in a row. Though our play involved a lot of assists and so was pleasing in that respect, rebounding still concerns me. There were multiple points in the game where Baylor inexplicably came away with a board that should have been ours. Given the score, this stat, to me at least, is shocking: KU outrebounded BU by only 2, 42-40. And they actually had more offensive rebounds (19) than we did (12). I'll grant that when a team shoots 30% they get more offensive boards, but come on.

    Of course, it was great to see us get a convincing road win against a team that has a couple of good wins of its own. And as Chris has been pointing out, we're looking as good as just about anybody, with the possible exception of UCLA and maybe Wisconsin.

  5. --"and I wouldn't quite describe them as 'fans'"--

    That's a little harsh.

    Anyway, I didn't see the Baylor game myself, but I appreciate the analysis, YHD. Rebounding and turnovers do seem to be the Achilles' heels right now.

    Julian, Brandon and Darnell are actually doing a great job on the boards, but Sasha and "Shady" aren't pulling their weight (or height).

    What do we think about Saturday vs. Colorado? Of all the weak Big 12 North teams, the Buffs are the worst of the worst. They're like 5-11 overall and 1-5 in conference.

    I'll say 98-55 'Hawks. If we can't beat these chumps by more than 30 at the Fieldhouse something's wrong.

  6. So the Vegas line is 26, Deron's got us by 43; seems like the only thing to do is split the difference: I'll say KU 100-62.

    But I will go out on a limb and also predict that it will be a fun, well-played, efficient blow-out. Rebounding margin of say 15. That would really please me in a game like this.

    Harsh, but funny, no?

  7. I didn't see you flying out to Vegas.