Thursday, January 11, 2007

'Hawk and Awe

KU 87, OSU 57.

I'm glad my prediction was wrong on this one. Our final score fell right between the forecasts of Yancy (90) and Ismail (84), so that's a tie.

I didn't realize OSU was so clumsy with the ball. But a lot of credit should go to our defense in the first ten minutes of the game. OSU never knew what hit them.

And as the KC Star points out, the Big 12 South is now 0-31 at Allen.


  1. I missed this game unfortunately, but i was plenty shocked and awed to see the score. A great way to start the conference season.

    Not a bad week in college ball - KU has two convincing wins over quality opponents, Duke loses twice to unranked teams (and is 0-2 in the ACC), UCONN goes down, UIC upsets Butler, Florida loses, UNC scrapes by against UVA . . .

    When's the last time Sasha's had those kind of numbers? I'm thinking it's exhibition play last season.

  2. Wow. what a tremendous game. I revise my KU Big XII prediction to 16-0.

    I think that's the best I've seen B Rush play, although most of it came in the first half. Chalmers is really coming on too. 6 steals? KU had 17 total steals and 9 blocks. That's pretty phenomenal D.

    Collins looks like he is starting to steal some of Russ Rob's minutes too. He played pretty well, with the exception of a couple of charging fouls when he bulled his way into the paint.

    Kahn dominated these clowns, I think they were really unprepared for his height.

  3. Florida losing, Chris? I wish. Arkansas played them tough but I'm afraid there's no openings in the top four just yet.

    Ohio State did lose, so we might move past them to 5th if we win this weekend (though honestly, that wouldn't be fair since the Buckeyes' loss was on the road to #4 Wisconsin).

    The OSU game was definitely the best of Sasha's career, esp. since he had the task of dealing with their best player, Boggan. The post feeds were great and he finished every time.

    I think Sherron got so much time, Scott, because Russell was in foul trouble. He did make a lot of freshman mistakes (like fouling a three-point shooter twice), but the positives outweighed the negatives.

    Did any of our guys not have a great game on Wednesday? I'm looking at you, Brennan Bechard ...

  4. somehow i had the impression that everybody but carolina and kansas lost last weekend.

    is the acc having a down year? carolina is great, and then a lot of solid teams - duke, clemson, maryland, bc. obviously some of those teams may improve.

    big 12 has 4 in the ap, and 3 in the espn. - and 3 are very highly ranked.

    a surprise for me has been the strength of the pac-10. They have 4 in the ap, and 5 in the espn (and they are a relatively small conference).

    big east has 4 in the ap, 3 in the espn. all but pitt are lower ranked, and UCONN will probably be out of the top 25 in the next poll.

    big 10 has two elite teams, and some solid unranked teams (illinois, indiana).

    just judging by the polling, it's hard to say which conference is best. i'd have to go with pac 10.