Monday, January 15, 2007

Muck Those Tigers!

Predictions for Big Monday?

The Tigers are at 0-3 in conference; this should be an absolute mauling, and given Mike Anderson's full-court pressing style I think it's our best opportunity to crack the century mark. Jayhawks 105-75.

(That is, if their bus even makes it to Lawrence in the ice storm. Maybe they'd be better off staying home and having some cocoa).

UNC lost this weekend, but the AP still has them at four and us at five. Probably on the theory that the team they lost to is better than the team we barely defeated. (I also think Ohio State probably shouldn't have moved down after losing at Wisconsin). It ain't going to be easy for us to break into 1-seed territory, especially since most of our Big 12 North opponents this year are, relatively speaking, chumps.


  1. My prediction: Hawks 82 Columbia Town Burners 67.

    Mike Anderson won't enjoy his first trip to the Phog.

    BTW, Steve called this afternoon and said he got an extra ticket from his friend in Columbia who can't make it, so I'll try to take some pics for the glory of the Blog.

  2. Virginia Tech is better than Iowa State, but Oklahoma State is a hell of a lot better than Virginia (the last team UNC beat) - so you could make a case either way.

    I still say we beat a top ten opponent by 30, and won on the road. They beat a mediocre team, and lost on the road. But you gotta rank them somewhere, so who knows?

  3. I guess no one will see this before tomorrow, but have fun, Scott, at the game; and I shared your surprise, Chris, at the UNC ranking, but what can you do? Maybe if our win over ISU had been more convincing? Did anyone notice that the AP story made a point of mentioning Oral Roberts and DePaul? Oh well.

    Anyway, DGL, I agree about the triple-digits (never forget how much fun that tourney game against UAB was); let's say 102-80. (Just close enough to Deron to make a split decision possible. . . .)

    Oh, and after a brief spot of greasy trouble, the Tigers made it to Lawrence safely yesterday. In the words of
    "While the team was eating at a McDonald’s at a rest area, the team bus had trouble maneuvering an incline. Sand was put down for the bus to gain traction so it could continue on."