Monday, January 22, 2007

Tech 69, KU 64

Not surprising at all; just a continuation of the way we played against MU and ISU. We seemed to be begging for someone to beat us ever since OSU.

The fact that we allowed 50% shooting is alarming, but I'll assume that's a fluke resulting from Knight's motion offense and home-cooked officiating.

But on offense? KU's become the Baltimore Ravens: all D, no O. Except KU actually has players who can score, so their failure to do so except on fast breaks is baffling.

The only guy who showed up Saturday was Sherron: 10 points (4-6, 2-3 from 3) and 7 assists to 2 TOs; and he led our comeback at the end. Dishonorable mention goes to ... pretty much everyone else.


  1. Well, let's hope we bounce back tonight.
    That Tech game was just ugly—not so much so that I'd give up on the season, of course, but enough to keep me from commenting much ("if you can't say anything nice" and all that).

    But what about the Bears? They played Gonzaga, South Carolina, and OSU close, and of course they beat Texas Tech; on the other hand, they lost at Oklahoma 91-51. . . . Probably won't help us that that was their last game, but hopefully the game in Lubbock got our teams' attention.

    Let's say KU 80-68.

  2. KU comes back after the ugly loss and plays agressive basketball. Collins continues his emergence on the offensive end and Arthur, perhaps inspired by the boos, regains his earlier offensive efficiency. I say KU 87-79.

  3. oof. well, i missed this game, but deron saw it before it even occurred.

    go bears!

  4. I trust by "Bears" you don't mean tonight's opponent, Chris.

    I did predict an imminent loss after the MU and ISU games, but my actual prediction for the Tech game was way off, as have been all my forecasts lately.

    So... for tonight I've got nothing. I'll just ride OR's coattails and say 87-79.