Friday, January 19, 2007

From Lubbock With Love

Saturday in Lubbock we'll face one of our biggest road challenges this year (which isn't saying much). Tech doesn't suck; they lost to Baylor but won at Arkansas, which is impressive. I'm tempted to predict a loss since I'm seeing one coming after our last two outings, but on the other hand, our guys should be sufficiently inspired by the challenge of playing against the General (seen here expressing his view of the blog).

So... 'Hawks 75-65.

In other news, it seems while KU has won ten in a row, our players' NBA stock is falling. Anonymous scouts quoted by CNNSI seem lukewarm on Julian and Brandon; one says he prefers Sherron. No one seems to be talking about Arthur now, even though analysts had him as a lottery lock after the Florida game. You'd think professional scouts would be a little less capricious than that.

LJWs Mayer, on the other hand, thinks our most likely pro prospect may be Sasha because, among other reasons, he's white.

(I believe Mayer thinks it's still 1957 and Wilt can't get seated at a diner).

Maybe this uncertainty works out best for KU. Fran Fraschilla mentioned during the Mizzou game that he "had a feeling" every one of our guys would come back next year. Think what an f-ing juggernaut that would be!

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