Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Now?

Sorry, I know I shouldn't, but I just couldn't resist that headline.

For what it's worth, Keegan agrees, saying the loss could help KU down the line...

I don't know about that, but I do like the fact that the '08 team lost in Stillwater... and then never lost again!


  1. Yes, this loss pretty much sews up the national title... Pop the champagne!

    I don't want to dwell on it too much -- 60 percent shooting by the Cowboys just has to be an aberration. (PLEASE let it be an aberration.)

    But I want to do a bit of negative venting before the Senior Day lovefest begins...

    I mentioned earlier that the Star's UFR blog has been hammering Sherron for his statistical inefficiency. And even though I think they overemphasize stats, there's no doubt that they have a point. It's disappointing that he's been unable as an upperclassman to improve his shooting percentage or assist-to-turnover ratio. This can't be helping his draft status.

    Earlier in the year Sherron single-handedly won us some games (Cornell, Baylor), but lately some of our wins have come almost despite him (A&M), and against OSU his nightmarish first half was much more decisive to the outcome of the game than his excellent second half.

    OK, I'll counter with some Sherron-love between now and Wednesday. Anyone else want to vent in the meantime?

  2. It's interesting to contrast these legitimate worries with Self's recent quote about Sherron's development:
    “He used to dunk on people in high school in the halfcourt offense. He didn’t need a running start to do it,” Self said. “He’s not quite as explosive, but he’s a better basketball player.”

    Maybe the key is to see him in context? He's certainly less prone to the dribble-too-far-under-the-basket kind of mistakes he used to make, and there's no doubt that he's developed as a leader.

    That said, I share your frustration, dgl. Six turnovers is just unacceptable, especially from our senior leader. I wouldn't go as far as to agree with Knight's comment about benching Sherron, but it was a little odd to see Cole sit so long in that game: why the willingness to pull other players but never #4?

  3. I'm assuming Cole wasn't benched punitively, but just to get a speedier "quick comeback" lineup on the floor. I'm not sure if I like that strategy, but it sort of makes sense.

    I had noticed that Sherron has seldom if ever dunked as a 'Hawk -- which is surprising if you remember our first view of him in the Mickey Ds game. I guess those injuries took their toll.

    It is also odd that you really never hear a peep of criticism from Self about Sherron -- even when he was an underclassman if I recall correctly. Self is definitely Sherron's enabler.

  4. I think it's harder to bench your general. I would also say, that the last few games notwithstanding, that Sherron has improved more from last season than Cole.

    We'll need both to step it up this month.

  5. Also, have you guys found NCAA Vault? They have lots of tournament games from the 2000's online. The other day I watched our win over Bill Self's Illini from 2002.

  6. The UFR breakdown linked above says Sherron's numbers have declined since last season. I expected his scoring averages to go down now that KU has more weapons, but his efficiency #s are down as well.

    Same is true for Cole on the offensive end, but defensively I think he's improved from last year.

    Keegan notes that it's probably Cole's last home game, too. He's never lost at the Phog.

    UNC seems to have righted itself a bit, and they've beaten us to 2,000. Still, it's hard to see them getting more than a few wins from here on; if KU wins out, we could go into next season up a half-dozen or so on the 'Heels.

  7. every time we go down to that barn in Stillwater it seems like everything they throw up goes in.

    I would've liked an undefeated Big XII season, but if the mojo works, then fine.

  8. Well, it feels like Sherron's better. So, there.