Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Sherron Amour


  1. What, am I talking to myself here?

    Wake up, bloggers. It's go time!

  2. From The Star:

    "The love came from every direction, including from Kansas State guard Denis Clemente, who clapped along with the 16,300 fans as the time ran off the clock on Kansas’ 82-65 beatdown of the Wildcats."

    ... When it was over, Self addressed the crowd prior to Collins and mentioned how proud he was of Aldrich’s recent academic All-American of the year award. Aldrich then cried as the fans began to chant “One more year!”

    “Don’t hold your breath on that one,” Self said.

    From Seth Davis:

    Collins' maturation at Kansas has not been confined to the court. After the game Wednesday night, he chuckled while recalling the first time he walked into his dorm room and met his freshman roommate, Brady Morningstar, the skinny, pale kid from Lawrence. "I thought, Oh my God, I'm not going to make it," he said.

    ... "I remember he didn't have sheets that first weekend. I had to go home and get some sheets for his bed," Morningstar said. "I don't think he had been around a lot of white people. He told me about how rough his neighborhood was in Chicago, how there was a lot of violence and drugs, but people around him were smart enough to see that he had talent so they didn't put him in that boat. We spent a lot of time talking, and he spent a lot of time over at my parents' house. I love that dude, man. He's my brother."

    ... "Me and Brady have a unique relationship," he said as his voice quavered. "That's like my brother. Him and his mother and father, the Morningstars, they helped me settle in. Coming from a big city to small Lawrence, it was so hard. They accepted me as their child." As Collins spoke, Morningstar sat on the floor with his head buried.

    He made his way through the coaching staff -- of Self he said, "I always thought he was picking on me ... but everything he said would happen has happened."

    LJW has the speech and a nice photo retrospective.

  3. I just didn't want to get in the way of those pictures.
    Thanks for the post and the comments.

    What a moving night. To graduate (with a degree in African American studies, no less!), and to have been key to four conference championships, 125 wins, two elite eights, and one (so far!) title: what an incredible accomplishment.

    From the AP story:
    He won't leave Lawrence as the school's career leader in points, assists or steals. But Collins will walk away with more wins than other player in Kansas' distinguished history, 125 and counting, and a special place in the hearts of his teammates, coaches and fans.
    "A lot of people love Sherron here," coach Bill Self said.

  4. Bill Mayer Folksy Anachromisms of the Week:

    Now, if ... Aldrich can relocate the basket and finish with more efficiency and gusto, they have the supporting cast to lead the way to the national throne room.

    Mercy sakes, we may just be looking at KU’s second NCAA title in the last three seasons.

  5. Sherron's last game was truly special. Despite our sizable lead through most of the game the crowd was louder than any other game this season. Honestly it should have been a bigger blowout. Every time we'd get up by a dozen or so the refs would make bullshit calls and keep K State in the game. I'm still not happy about the OK State lost but I have to say (despite my earlier comments) we seem to be more driven because of it.

    Sherron's speech was great. Did they broadcast it? Were you guys able to find it online? The video montage of Sherron's career was really emotional. It was hard not to get choked up by the whole thing.

    My favorite quote was: "KU fans are the best. It doesn't even matter if we just lost a game; if they see you on campus they're just happy to see you."

    Thoughts on the 4th one seed? With Duke losing K State is still in the discussion. Purdue? Duke? Someone else?

  6. The answer to your question, Aaron, is written above:
    "LJW has the speech"

    Anyway, I can't believe you're all going to leave me to link to the story about the latest celebrity siting at Allen. No comment.