Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One

Looking forward to the matchup with Lehigh tonight...

In the meantime, how about Robert Morris? I picked 'Nova into the Final Four, so this would sink my bracket, but it's hard to cheer against a 15-2 upset. What a wonderful time of year!


  1. Well, that didn't quite happen, but Vandy goes down in flames -- another one that I did not see coming. I saw a bit of BYU-Florida, which I did pick correctly, as it turned out. That wasn't an upset, but it always feels like an upset when McDonald's All-Americans lose to Mormons.

    LeHigh scares me only in the sense that the Patriot League always scares me (Bucknell, Holy Cross). But it doesn't seem like a team that has the tools to "shock the world."

  2. Everyone's favorite feature returns:

    The Bad Keegan Quote of The Week:

    (On Sherron as a freshman)

    He slammed into stationary defenders so often it was as if when he touched the basketball it triggered a timing mechanism that would cause the referee to put his hand behind his head and then point emphatically in the other direction.

  3. As Leonard Pinth Garnell would say "That wasn't very good at all, was it?" - in regards to the Keegan quote, of course.

    So far, my only miscue was Richmond/St. Mary's - I think I picked Richmond to go to the sweet 16 . . . But I'm happy with my ODU and Murray St. picks . . .

  4. Well, I'm not at all happy with your picks, Christopher.

    Just hoping my hometown Huskies can hang onto their small lead...

    And speaking of things from Washingtons, what the heck is going on with Georgetown?