Friday, March 12, 2010


Have I mentioned that I'm going to miss him?

In a game that was less than great, at least for the first 30 minutes, here's Collins' line:
9-19 from the field and 5-6 from the line, for a total of 26 points.
6 assists.
And, in a game rife with turnovers, only 1 TO.
Oh, and 1 rebound and 1 steal.


I received this text message, which seemed to sum up everything else pretty well:
"Last 10 mins was a lotta fun"


  1. Wow, what a game! The first half couldn't have been more sloppy. 12 turnovers in as many minutes!?... pathetic. But this is why we have (and love) Sherron. The last 10 minutes were amazing. Whether we play Baylor or K State tomorrow it is going to be a good job. I have to say Baylor kind of scares me. They are crazy good. Both these teams can beat anyone in the country if they bring their A game.

    Any word on Onuaku? The Orange could really be vulnerable without him. Can't wait for Sunday... what a weekend!

  2. At least Onuaku (sp.?) has a lot of time to recover. But 'Cuse ain't looking too good lately. First round losses are never a good omen -- although I'm puzzled as to why they were playing G-town on the first day.

    I don't know what Cole's problem was in the first half, but he deserves some credit for dominating the paint down the stretch, going 4-4, and blanking Brian Davis (0 points, although in fairness that guy is 45 years old).

    Also, it never fails: when our starters are flagging, trust Morningstar and esp. Reed to make some big threes. Once those guys get it rolling, you can usually count on X and esp. Sherron to deliver the TKO.

    As I said, I was hoping for Baylor, but K-State it is. The advantage of this is that the buzz around the game will be huge. Ratings should be good, crowd amped up on both sides. Nationally it's the biggest game of the weekend, and that's good for the Big 12 all around.

    Of course this is easy to say, but I'm going to try to just sit back and enjoy this one. For one last time this year, the pressure should be off. Losing always sucks, but I don't think the committee will punish us for losing to a Top 10 team that we already beat twice.

  3. Test test test.

  4. Weird. I had to publish that test comment to get the other one to appear. Let me know if anyone else is having that problem.

  5. That is weird--I'll keep my eye out for similar issues. I did experience a lag the other day when we were liveblogging, but everything showed up eventually...

    We'd better not have technical difficulties now of all times!

    Anyway, you're probably right about this one, dgl, and I certainly hope so, since E and I will miss the second half (wedding; better be fun!). Sure would be sweet to beat the 'Cats again, though.

  6. Okay, really need a strong start (and a start soon, please?), since we're going to have to miss the 2nd half...

    Rock Chalk!