Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"It was an unbelievable feeling,'' said Collins, who had 17 points and six assists. ''It was kind of heavy, but it felt good to hoist it to the crowd.''


  1. Very cool. (It would be nice if THE MEDIA agreed this was slightly more newsworthy than UConn being momentarily "off the bubble.")

    If X continues like this, we are, to answer Chris's earlier question, unbeatable.

    Back to a previous discussion for a moment: The UFR blog amusingly points out that if THE MEDIA continues to credit Brady with wins from his redshirt season, by the time he's finished next year he'll stand alone as the winningest player in college basketball history by a ridiculous margin.

    (Of course, THE MEDIA, as represented here by AP, doesn't think that will happen because it misidentifies Brady as a senior; also, some in THE MEDIA -- ahem, Stuart Scott -- believe his name is Brad Morningstar).

    Not to mention the fact that certain Yancy-favored members of THE MEDIA repeatedly credited OU with having outscored KU in the 2nd even when we were still up 20, compared to 15 at halftime. Aaaagh! Where's that petition again?

    On a positive note, the AP story mentions something we'd missed: "The Jayhawks have won more conference titles than any other Division I program, 53 in all." I hope they didn't get that one wrong, too, because that's pretty f-in' sweet.

  2. Let me try a joke here: Bob Knight's color commentating is a lot like his coaching career--great for the first two thirds, then mostly weird and wrong.

    That poor media. Just to again clarify, KU is the origin of the inclusion of Brady in that win count nonsense. I agree that it's nonsense, but the ones who're really in charge of that record are the ones who need to set the record straight.

    That conference title stat is right, though, for sure; haven't you seen the video they play before every game?
    Can't find a great link, but this one's okay.

    Great edit on that last post, by the way, dgl. I love the KU/UNC race to 2,000. They have to play FSU, @Wake Forest, Miami, and @Duke, so there's a real shot we can catch them before the regular season ends...

    But what I really love is this team. What a season! And so much more to come! Rock Chalk!

  3. I enjoyed the joke. And the video.

    And you're right. It wasn't just Self at a press conference; the athletic department appears to be recognizing Brady in that win total. It's a bit more understandable from a KU standpoint, b/c obviously even while redshirting he was part of the team, participating in practices. But why make the kid a punchline by giving him an honor he doesn't really deserve (and probably doesn't want?)

    I would be shocked if the NCAA record-keepers follow suit -- although part of me really does want to stick it to Duke by any means necessary.

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  5. One more record worth celebrating, by way of Coach Self's twitter feed:
    So proud of guys. What a great run. We've had so many good players. Just need to put 40 minutes together more often. So happy for cole.

    Only the second KU player to be named Academic All-American of the Year. Love that we can also feel great about these players as student athletes.


  6. "There is something about this team that continues to impress our staff in that we play better when the situations are at their toughest," Self said. "This team was able to go to win at places that team was not able to win at, against quality competition. That team was the best we've had since we've been here, but this team has a chance to get to that point; we're just not there yet."

  7. The above comment is Self comparing the '08 and '10 Jayhawks.

  8. Interesting statistical comparison of '08 and '10 in LJW.

    Conclusion: It's a wash. I trusted that team more than this one, because you had so many seniors and juniors in the rotation, but you have to think that this team may have a higher ceiling -- which is scary since it has a better W-L record than that one did at this point.