Monday, February 08, 2010

Drum Roll....

Hmm, I guess this game has lost some of it's luster. I go underground for three days and no one posts a damn thing...

Well, what do we think? Do we coast through overconfidently, knowing we can lose and still be up two in the conference? Or by the same token, do we go in with just the right amount of confidence while Texas plays tight and desperate? Do we falter because we're due for a loss after dodging bullets last week, while Texas is due for a win? Or can we count on Rick Barnes to continue his usual late-season swoon?

It pains me, but I think I'll give this one to the 'Horns -- they just have too much talent, and too much motivation, to let us beat them in their own gym. They'll brutalize us defensively, the refs will let them, and we'll lose by 3 in another thriller.


  1. I love this: Pittman texting back and forth with Cole?

    And this from Pittman: "That little song they do scares me ... the ‘Rock Hawk Jayhawk?’ When they bust out and say, ‘Rock Hawk,’ that gets me.”

  2. I don't know, Vegas has been pretty good this season--picked us by exactly 2 in the K-State game... so I'll say us by 2.5 points tonight.

    Or, how about rounding up? (Seems appropriate given the bovine nature of our opponent.) KU by 3.

    I didn't think about it until I clicked your link, dgl, but we've never won in Austin under Self. If any KU team has the talent and the depth to break that streak, it's got to be this one.

    And this team just can't keep having sub-par games, right? Right?

  3. Sometimes a string of close games means a loss is imminent. But we'll see.

    (Not that I think our guys need to hang their heads about winning road games in OT and merely beating, rather than crushing, Nebraska at home. Keep in mind how good the conference is this year, including the North).

  4. Tell me to stop and I'll stop, but until then, here's Self post-game tweet:
    Just got back to lawrence. Guys feel pretty good abt themselves. Different guys stepping up. Fun abt bradys ft. Never seen that. s

    Fortunately we survived the run that was basically keyed by Brady's weird free throw woe (what exactly was happening, anyway? he was shooting Cole's one-and-one?)... that whole sequence was pretty frustrating--seemed like an attempt to appease a really angry crowd.

    Hard to know where to start in praising the Jayhawks, but how about the Morris brothers: between them they had 26 points and 17 rebounds. And that's with a torn tendon in one of their twenty fingers...

    It's just one game, and Texas is obviously not the team they looked like a month ago, but are we back to the j word? At this rate, at least relative to the league, we do kind of look like a juggernaut.

  5. This game really lost its luster. Not even a new post.

    Keep the Tweets a-coming. Glad they're laughing off the Brady thing; that's all you can do.

    I guess Cole couldn't shoot his own free throws after he'd fouled out? Weird rule.

    You know, Cole needs room to turn around and make an outlet, but I'm not a fan of rebounders swinging their elbows all over the place -- the Twins were guilty of that a lot last year. Late call, though -- "appeasement" is right, YHD.

    The "J" word? Well, we're damn close. I'm just so disappointed in Texas. We've finally gotten the national media to recognize that this is the best rivalry of the decade, and then the 'Horns have to go and stink up the joint like that. So much for ESPN classic.

    I'm pretty happy with our guys, though.

  6. Leave it to Rick Barnes to run a first rate lineup into the ground. I wonder how he ever got them to the Final Four.

    Too bad they've dropped off. But Baylor, A&M, and K-State are picking up the slack.

    I caught bits and pieces of the game and was most impressed by X and Marcus.

    I noticed one of the college b-ball poobah's a week ago saying that KU can't win the titel without the third scoring option. So, unless X heats up, they can't go the distance.

    All I could think was, what about Marcus? What about Marcus?

    - I picture myself sounding like D'Angelo in the Wire. 'Where's Wallace, String? Where's Wallace?'

    I've been hearing that in my head a lot lately as the actors who played Wallace and D'Angelo are both in this season of Friday Night Lights.

    Anyway, last night we got our third and fourth options firing while one and two struggled.

    Also, I think we have beat 4 teams in the top 25 - Temple, Texas, K-State, Baylor.

  7. We are fortunate that they still thought Doge Balbay is a legit D1 point. He is not. They will be much harder to face if we see the Brown kid all game in the Big XII tourney.

    That said, nice win for the Hawks in a semi-difficult arena (that K-State crowd was much louder though).

  8. Friday Night Lights? So that's where Wallace is!

  9. Where the fuck is Wallace??

  10. It's all in the game, yo.

    We just finished Season 4 -- even more heartbreaking than the Wallace storyline.

    Speaking of masterpieces, what do we think about the very real possibility of 16-0?

  11. That's a nice coincidence: we've been re-watching The Wire, and we're just now about half-way through season 4. Good stuff.

    Also good stuff: this conference season. It certainly won't be easy, but it does seem like we've got a real shot at perfection.
    The games that worry me the most are the obvious ones: K-State and Mizzou. K-State is Sherron's senior night, though, so I've got to give us that one.
    And as much as I like what Mike Anderson's doing in Columbia, I just don't think they can handle this KU team.
    So I'll go ahead and call it: I think that yes, yes we will go 16-0.