Sunday, March 01, 2009


Down goes Mizzou!

"I'm falling in love with this team" --Self.

"I think today was just one of those days that went well for us" --Collins.

WOW! We looked great today. Cole had 19 points and 14 rebounds. Sherron had 25 points and looked good except for a couple of crazy drive attempts. I actually sat next to his grandma at the game. She was cheering like crazy. I think he's realizing that he doesn't have to do it all. As long as Brady or Reed or Taylor has a decent game we're solid. I'm not sure how many turnovers we had but it was far fewer than in the last game at Mizzou. So which is it: was Mizzou that overrated, or are we this good? I'm inclined to think it's the latter. We seemed to handle the press much better this game. Thoughts?

To top it all off, Heinrich's jersey was retired at halftime. Collison was also there. Here's a few pics:

I can't wait for the big 12 tournament and a likely matchup with the, this time, Blake Griffin led Sooners. We seem to have a legit shot at a #2 seed which I never would have believed at the beginning of the season. Can't wait for the madness!


  1. That's a coincidence... Yancy and I got to sit next to Jeff Graves' grandma at the 2003 game in Columbia -- which was a big game for Kirk, as Roy attests in this article from a few days ago.

    Great pics, Aaron. Let me add another to our archive, from the LJW.

    It's not often you get the opportunity to smoke a Top Ten team by 25 points -- much less beat two Top Ten teams in a week. Speaking of Top Ten teams -- welcome to the party, KU fans. I really did not expect us to hit that threshold this season.

    Cole was Dr. Dunkenstein out there today. And it was nice to see Tyshawn reprise his big numbers from the previous game. Also, let's not forget Tyrel, who's flown under the radar this year.

    A lot fewer people are going to be talking about that asterisk now. Not only is a 2 seed in sight (Bracketology had us there even before this game) but a 1 is not out of the question.

  2. I love that pic of the Tragic Prelude. The students who came up with that are brilliant. Here's a link to an interesting article on Yahoo;_ylt=As5EEgLAb.Ll9Ybr2uyY2R45nYcB?slug=jn-kansas030209&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  3. added the John Brown pic at the end. Nice poster by the students.

    Anyway game could not have gone better. Actually thought I might nail the score again, but like Yancy said, I got close.

    Anyway, with the demolishing of the border scUM, it looks like both my teams again are poised for a nice postseason run. It looks like they are both going to land #2 seeds barring something strange happening. I think if KU wins out and beats OU and/ or UT again, then they might draw a 1 if someone else stumbles.

    Aldrich continues to impress every game. I'm not trying to exaggerate here, but fundamentally, and in terms of his game impact, I think he's our best big guy since Danny Manning. And he's only a sophomore. Hopefully the scouts won't realize this and we can hang on to him a bit longer for an elite run next year with Collins as a SR.

  4. If you want a good cry, the Star has a nice piece on Tyshawn and his Big Brother.